We publish three to four news letters a year with news about records, CD's, lots of pictures and paper clippings. We have about 1000 records, 400 CD's, singles, video's, posters, songbooks, photos, stickers for sale. We hold two club meetings a year where we show video-films, sell all the items we have in stock, like CD's, records, videos, etc.. You also can help us by collecting articles, photos, newspaper clippings, etc. You can phone us, write to us or send us an for more information.


Membership for 3 years 40,00/ 55,00 (or one year 15,00/ 20,00/$ 25,00 US Dollar for Europe. Other countries $ 30 US Dollar each year. Please send this amount by registered mail! Rabobank account: IBAN: NL75 RABO 0312 8002 31 / BIC: RABONL2U