For Android users:
If you have an Android smart phone or tablet, please try my app Senior Chess. You will find detailed information about it here.
It is based on Queen, an older chess program of mine for Windows, see below.

Here is a video to clarify two new important commands that I recently added.

For Windows users:

If you like to play chess against the computer or if you are interested in matches between chess programs (with a WinBoard or UCI interface),
you can download Queen 4.05c, of 25 March 2021. This has an improved GUI, with a chessboard similar to that of my Android app Senior Chess.
It also has built-in test positions, to be used as instructive exercises.

Queen will play much better in openings if you also use the separate (binary)
opening book (about 2 MB, zipped), based on files supplied by Carlos Pesce.

Special engine version (WinBoard/UCI)

If you want to use Queen only for machine-machine games (using the WinBoard or UCI protocol)
and you encounter any problems with the above general version due to Queen's
graphical user interface, please use Queen402Eng, which is merely a chess engine, without a GUI.

For more information, download the files readme.txt and queen.txt.

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Arena website

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