GRIEP in Todd County, MN
From Lastrup in northwestern Germany to Long Prairie, Minnesota
  Heinrich Griep, born around 1815, lived in Lastrup, a small village in the German Kingdom of Hanover. He was married and had four children, who all migrated to America.
When in 1879 the last one left -- his son Heinrich and his family -- he went together with them. Shortly after his arrival he died in Long Prairie Minnesota. This page is about his descendants.


  Oldest daughter Angelica Griep was born around 1836 in Lastrup, Germany. In 1868 she married Heinrich (Henry) Hengemühle. That same year she migrated with her new family-in-law to Hartford, Todd County, Minnesota, where they had 6 children. She died in May 1904 in Hartford of liver trouble.

Heinrich Griep (Henry) was born June 5th, 1839, in Lastrup, Germany. He, his wife Gertrude Rosa and their three children migrated in 1879 to the United States. He settled as a farmer in Bruce, Todd County, Minnesota. He died December 9, 1913, in Long Prairie.

Mary Griep also migrated, to Long Prairie Minnesota, and married a man named Strack.

Herman Griep was born on August 4, 1852 in Lastrup, Germany. He migrated in 1872 to New York, worked in a tobacco factory in Saint Louis, at the railroad in Stearns County Minnesota and in the hotel of Long Prairie, Todd County. There he homesteaded and married Catherine Schmidt. They had 14 children.

Long Prairie, Todd County, Minnesota


Born June 5th, 1839, at Lastrup Germany

  Bernhard Griep (1867-..)

Bernhard Griep (Ben) was born in September 1867 in Lastrup, Germany. In 1879 he migrated with his parents to Bruce, Todd County, Minnesota. He was a diary farmer. In 1902 he married in Long Prairie to Rosa Meyers, born in 1878 in Germany.

They had 7 children:

  • Gertrude (1902), Olivia (1903-2003), Wilhelm/William (1906), Bernard (1907), ... (1909), Sylvia (1910), Louis Griep (1912) and Alvina.


Top Row L-R: Olivia, Gertrude, William, Ben >
Bottom Row L-R Sylvia, Louis >

  Anna C. Griep (1868-..)

Anna C. Griep was born in September 1868 in Germany. On May 26, 1903, she married in Long Prairie to Joseph Hillmer Jr. They lived in Bruce, Todd County, close to and later in her fathers farm. They had 4 children: Herman H. (1904), Maria G. (1906), Frank L. (1907) en Edward L. (1909).

  Heinrich Joseph Griep (1873-1949)

Heinrich Joseph Griep (Henry) was born September 9, 1873 in Germany. At age 5 he immigrated with his parents to Bruce, Todd County, Minnesota. He worked in a sawmill, and later on he started a car repair shop.

On November 11, 1902, he married in Long Prairie to the nurse Wilhelmina Gertrude Spieker and had 8 children. On September 16, 1949, he died in Long Prairie of stomach cancer. His wife died February 3, 1962.


  • Augusta Marie (born 1903; married to Henry Robben); Leo Joseph Griep (born 1905; married to Catherine Knase); Agnes Rosaba (born 1906; married to Nicholas Eiden); Flores Christina (born 1908; married to Jake Eiden), Rudolf Joseph Griep (born 1910; moved to Los Angeles); Victor Nicholas (born 1912; lived at Minneapolis); Veronica Catherine (born 1914; married to Helmer Olander) and Otto Bernard Griep (born 1918; married to Bernice Gorghuber).


One of the descendants of Leo Joseph, Mark Griep, now living in Lincoln, Nebraska, has researched this branch of the Griep family. Other descendants of Henry Griep:
Florence Eiden Deutsch
from Buffalo, Minnesota, Sally Griep from California
and Arden Truby are also participating in this research.


Born August 4th, 1852, at Lastrup Germany

  Henry Griep (1878-1949)

Henry Griep was born on December 9,1878, in Long Prairie, Minnesota. On October 11, 1904, he married Elizabeth Irmdieke from Meire Grove, Stearns County. He died on April 27, 1949, at Melrose, Stearns County, Minnesota en was buried on the St. Boniface Cemetery.
They had 5 children:

  • Agnes, born February 24, 1907, at Padua, Stearns County. She married Ray Weeber from Chicago. She died August 14, 1992 in Chicago.
  • Lidwina, born February 9, 1909, at Padua, Stearns County. On June 4, 1932, she married Bob Bailey from Chicago. They had 3 children: Shirlene, Robert and Ronald Henry. She died, 40 years of age, from cancer on February 13, 1949.
  • Wilfred Griep, born December 1915 in Minnesota. He married Lorraine Beatrice Schneider and they had 3 children: Paul Michel, Linda and Susan. On October 24, 1985, his wife died, living in Santa Clara, California.
  • Henry Griep, born September 1913 at Padua, Stearns County. He married Lucille Klosterman. He was a creamery operator, living in Arlington, Sibley County, Minnesota. They had 6 children: Elizabeth, Sandra (1942-1996), Barbara, Thomas, Steven and John Charles. Henry died on October 23, 1997.
  • Loretta, married George Breyer from Chicago.
  Joseph J. Griep (1880-1954)
Joseph was born in April 1880 and died at the age of 74 in 1954.

Mary Griep, died in 1924.

Lena Griep, died in 1972.

Bernard Francis Grip, worked for a railroad company, and changed his name from Griep to Grip. He died in 1953. He had a son:

  • Francis Aloysis Grip.

Margaret Griep, died in 1974.

Herman Griep (1892-1962)
Herman Griep was born on November 12, 1892. He lived in Minnesota and died November, 1962.

Catherine Griep, died in 1976.

Edward Griep (1894-1955)
Edward Griep was born March 10, 1894, in Minnesota. He died September 2, 1955, in Santa Clara, California.

John F. Griep (1896-1977)
John Griep was born January 17, 1896 in Long Prairie, Minnesota. He served in World War I and entered banking in Long Prairie, then in Browerville and then in Staples, Todd County, Minnesota, where he lived the rest of his life.
He married Isabella Maier of Long Prairie and had five daughters: Marjorie, Esther, Alyce, June and Audrey. He died in June 1977.

Anna Griep, died in 1998.

George Griep, died in 1972.

Frank Griep (1902-1992)
Frank Griep was born February 5, 1902, in Minnesota. He lived in Los Alamitos, Orange County, California and died October 23, 1992.

Emma Jean Griep


One of the descendants of Bernard Francis, DeeAnn Marie Grip, now living in
California, has researched this branch of the Griep/Grip family from Minnesota.
Adrey (Griep) Zimmer, daughter of John F. Griep, also provided information about this 'clan'.


Do you have more information about these family, or are you one of their descendants?
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