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Spherical Objects | Past & Parcel/Elliptical Optimism

First ever re-issue by cult Manchester band Spherical Objects, active between 1978 and 1981 and the core group on the highly collectible Object Music label.
Formed by singer, songwriter and dj Steve Solamar in 1978, Spherical Objects produced a unique brand of what early champion Paul Morley termed 'existentialist psychedelia'. Their first album, Past & Parcel, appeared in August 1978 and predated releases on other Manchester post-punk labels such as Factory. The second album, Elliptical Optimism, was released on Object in October 1979. Both sets feature Steve Solamar, John Bisset-Smith, Fred Burrows, Duncan Prestbury and Roger Hilton. The band only played occasional live gigs, and preferred instead to concentrate on recording albums, releasing no less than four in as many years.
The booklet includes archive images and detailed liner notes, with contributions from chief Object Steve Solamar.

| tracklist
01 Born To Pay
02 Situation Comedy
03 You Can Become
04 The Crystal Tree
05 If I Can Chose (Oh Babe)
06 Lover Flow
07 Drama Queen
08 The Face I Want To See
09 What Goes On
10 Past & Parcel
11 Metropolis
12 Show Me
13 Comedians
14 Elliptical Optimism
15 Ten To Nine
16 Another Technique
17 I Should Have Left Him
18 It's So Good To Be Alive (Tonight)
19 Lying Again
20 I Don't Remember
21 Walk Away
22 Lucy
23 I Remember You



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