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The Noyes Brothers | Sheep From Goats

First ever CD reissue of Sheep From Goats by The Noyes Brothers, originally released in 1980 on the highly collectible Object Music label.
The Noyes Brothers were Steve Solamar of cult band Spherical Objects and Steve Miro, who also recorded as a solo artist for Object. The album (a double set) was recorded between October 1979 and May 1980 at Graveyard Studios, and contains 100 minutes of experiments and improvisations, ranging from Eno-esque electronics to improvisation and the side-long excursion It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time. Released in July 1980 in a limited edition of 1000 copies, it sounds like little else recorded before or since. The set is now joined by the extended piece Good Question from the 1981 compilation Do The Maru. The booklet features archive images and sleevenote contributions from Solamar and Miro.

| tracklist
01 A Feeling Of Impending Doom
02 Away We Go
03 Repercussion
04 Bo Scat Um I.D.
05 Marlene
06 Night Sky Vision
07 Byte To Beat
08 Why Did It Fade
09 I Am You
10 On The Outside
11 Dream
12 It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time

01 Archetypal Memory
02 It Must Be Vibration
03 Pointless
04 The Mutant
05 Ingmar The Dog
06 Some Times
07 Outnuendo
08 Decision Time
09 Pneumonia Bridge
10 Resurrection In Chaos Minor
11 Do End New Out
12 Good Question



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