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The Durutti Column | The Return Of ...

Factory Benelux presents an expanded CD edition of The Return Of The Durutti Column, the landmark debut album by The Durutti Column first issued by Factory Records in January 1980.
A collaboration between virtuoso guitarist Vini Reilly and legendary producer Martin Hannett, the album paired Reilly's non-rock sketches with Hannett's electronic textures to produce "perfectly realised, correctly ambient and inventive music" (NME). The infamous sandpaper sleeve was somewhat less user friendly. Inspired by a 1959 Situationist publication by Guy Debord and Asger Jorn, the relentless iconoclasts at Factory hoped that the abrasive packaging would destroy existing record collections.
This new 2014 edition on Factory Benelux includes the 9 tracks included on the first Factory pressing, as well as the six 6 tracks which formed side two of the rare second pressing. Also featured are the two Martin Hannett 'test card' flexi-disc tracks, and Madeleine and Lips That Would Kiss, both previously issued as a 12-inch single on Factory Benelux in October 1980.
The cover art of this new CD version restores the later jacket design issued by Factory, featuring three miniatures of paintings by Raoul Dufy. The booklet features period Durutti images by photographer Daniel Meadows, and extensive liner notes with quotes from Vini Reilly, Martin Hannett, Tony Wilson, Peter Saville, Daniel Meadows, John Brierley, Bruce Mitchell and members of Joy Division, who assembled most of the sandpaper originals.
Mailorder copies come in three different slipcases: 1) FBN slipcase faced with glasspaper, 2) Slipcase with glasspaper on both sides, 3) FBN slipcase faced with coloured glasspaper. Make your choice!

| tracklist
01 Sketch For Summer
02 Requiem For A Father
03 Katharine
04 Conduct 05 Beginning
06 Jazz
07 Sketch For Winter
08 Collette
09 In 'D'
10 Lips That Would Kiss
11 Madeleine
12 The First Aspect Of The Same Thing
13 The Second Aspect Of The Same Thing
14 Untitled
15 Jazz
16 Sketch For Winter
17 Collette
18 Beginning
19 In 'D'

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