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A Certain Ratio| Sextet

Factory Benelux presents a deluxe double CD edition of Sextet, the ethereal yet rhythmic second album by Manchester postpunk funk group A Certain Ratio, originally released by Factory Records in January 1982. Self-produced at Revolution Studio, Sextet saw the original Ratio quintet of Donald Johnson, Jeremy Kerr, Martin Moscrop, Simon Topping and Peter Terrell joined by co-vocalist Martha 'Tili' Tilson. Written and recorded following a transformative sojourn in New York in late 1980, the album reflects Latin, samba and even jazz influences (eg Skipscada; Day One), while still retaining Ratio's signature brittle funk textures, heard in full effect on Lucinda, Gum and trancelike floor filler Knife Slits Water.
"It all came together for us on Sextet really," confirms bassist (and latterly vocalist) Jez Kerr. "We were all working together, more involved in the recording, and what went down onto tape. It's definitely got something that the other albums haven't."
Newly remastered, the bonus tracks include non-album single Waterline as well as dub plate Abracadubra (released as Sir Horatio), and the band's three song John Peel session from June 1981. There further is a Peel session from November 1982, featuring two songs never before released on record: Piu Lento and Who’s To Say. Also included are both extended 12" mixes of Knife Slits Water, together with an early demo version of percussive marathon Si Firmir O Grido. Cover painting by Denis King. Design by Ben Kelly. Comes in 6-panel digipak. Also available on 2xLP (FBN 11).

| tracklist
01 Lucinda
02 Crystal
03 Gum
04 Knife Slits Water
05 Skipscada
06 Day One
07 Rub Down
08 Rialto
09 Below The Canal
10 Waterline
11 Funaezekea
12 Abracadubra
13 Sommadub

01 Skipscada (Peel 1981)
02 Day One (Peel 1981)
03 Knife Slits Water (Peel 1981)
04 Who's To Say? (Peel 1982)
05 Piu Lento (Peel 1982)
06 Touch (Peel 1982)
07 Si Firmir O Grido (Touch Version)
08 Knife Slits Water (12" Version)
09 Kether Hot Knives (12" Version)



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