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Minny Pops | Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement

Factory Benelux presents an expanded 2xCD edition of Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement, the first studio album by Dutch electronic pioneers Minny Pops, originally released on Plurex in September 1979. An artful, uncompromising album, the 13 track set mixes hard-edged electronica with modernist noise, sharing much in common with contemporaries Cabaret Voltaire, The Normal, Suicide and early Human League. As well as an early version of classic Factory single Dolphin's Spurt, the album also includes junk-food satire MD Mania and a cover of R.U.21 by US punk band Novak.
The 9 bonus tracks include all three tracks from their debut 7"ep Kojak, also released in 1979, as well as a 2003 remix of Dolphin's Spurt by Zip and DJ Smacker. The first disc is completed by 12 minutes of vintage audio-visual clips featuring 5 live tracks recorded at the Amsterdam Filmakademie in 1979, playable in QuickTime format.
This expanded FBN edition further adds a bonus disc featuring a complete live performance of Drastic Measures, Drastic Movement recorded at Amsterdam Dansmakers on 11 March 2012, during their 30th anniversary tour, with members Wally van Middendorp, Pieter Mulder, Dennis Duchhart, Thomas Myrmel, Bart de Vrees, Jeroen Kimman and Wilbert Bulsink. Mailorder copies come in FBN slipcase.

| tracklist
01 Springtime I
02 Minny Pops
03 Hologram
04 Total Confusion
05 Dolphins Spurt
06 Motor City
07 Springtime II
08 Monica
09 Flash Goes The Eye
10 M.D. Mania
11 R.U. 21
12 Mono
13 Muzak
14 Kojak
15 Footsteps
16 Nervous
17 Dolphins Spurt (Remix)
18 New Muzak
19 Total Confusion
20 Mono
21 M.D. Mania
22 Dolphins Spurt

01 Springime I (Live)
02 Minny Pops (Live)
03 Hologram (Live)
04 Total Confusion (Live)
05 Dolphins Spurt (Live)
06 Motor City - Springtime II (Live)
07 Monica (Live)
08 Flash Goes The Eye (Live)
09 M.D. Mania (Live)
10 R.U. 21 (Live)
11 Mono (Live)
12 New Muzak (Live)

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