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The Durutti Column | The Guitar And Other Machines

Factory Benelux presents an expanded double vinyl edition of The Guitar And Other Machines, the sixth studio album by Manchester ensemble The Durutti Column, originally released by Factory Records in 1987.
The origin of The Guitar And Other Machines was the Christmas present given by Factory founder Tony Wilson to Durutti mainman Vini Reilly in 1985. "He gave me another kick and bought me a load of electronic instruments," revealed Reilly at the time. "I never dreamt of getting into this electronic thing, and I struggled and fought and stayed up til half seven in the morning and really worked on it. I know that Tony's got this vision and I persevered. And I found a way of using a sequencer that isnít like New Order Ė it's my way, and it's my music."
Produced by Stephen Street (The Smiths; Morrissey), the album also features percussionist Bruce Mitchell and viola player John Metcalfe. Standout tracks include Arpeggiator, Bordeaux Sequence and English Landscape Tradition. Disc 2 features in concert versions of album tracks by the trio taped at the Bottom Line club in New York City in October 1986, as well as the WOMAD festival in August 1988.
The remastered vinyl set is housed in a gatefold sleeve which preserves the original album artwork by 8vo. A deluxe 3xCD edition (FBN 204CD) is also available in a clamshell box.

| tracklist
A1 Arpeggiator
A2 What It Is To Me (Woman)
A3 Red Shoes
A4 Jongleur Grey
A5 When The World
A6 U.S.P.
B1 Bordeaux Sequence
B2 Pol In B
B3 English Landscape Tradition
B4 Miss Haymes
B5 Donít Think Youíre Funny

C1 Arpeggiator (Live)
C2 Our Lady Of The Angels (Live)
C3 Pol In B (Live)
C4 Miss Haymes (Live)
D1 When The World (Live)
D2 English Landscape Tradition (Live)
D3 Bordeaux Sequence (Live)



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