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The Durutti Column | The Guitar And Other Machines ( Deluxe)

Factory Benelux presents an expanded 3x disc deluxe edition of The Guitar And Other Machines, the sixth studio album by Manchester ensemble The Durutti Column, originally released by Factory Records in 1987.
The origin of The Guitar And Other Machines was the Christmas present given by Factory founder Tony Wilson to Durutti mainman Vini Reilly in 1985. "He gave me another kick and bought me a load of electronic instruments," revealed Reilly at the time. "I never dreamt of getting into this electronic thing, and I struggled and fought and stayed up til half seven in the morning and really worked on it. I know that Tony's got this vision and I persevered. And I found a way of using a sequencer that isnít like New Order Ė it's my way, and it's my music."
Produced by Stephen Street (The Smiths; Morrissey), the album also features percussionist Bruce Mitchell and viola player John Metcalfe. Remastered in 2017, this new FBN edition restores all three bonus tracks included on the original Factory CD, being experimental pieces written and recorded with Jez Kerr and Simon Topping of A Certain Ratio. Disc 1 further contains the exquisite acoustic instrumental Catos Con Guantes and the rare LFO Mod.
Disc 2 gathers together a wealth of associated recordings, including the rare Greetings 3 EP (released only in Italy) and non-album track such as Our Lady Of The Angels. Other tracks include various mixes of When The World (a video single at the time), oddball Jefferson Airplane cover White Rabbit (recorded in LA on a whim with guest vocalist Debi Diamond), and several 'sporadic recordings' which revisit themes first heard on the original album. Disc 3 is an in-concert recording of the band taped at the famous Bottom Line club in New York City in October 1987, along with two further live tracks from the WOMAD festival in August 1988. In clamshell box.

| tracklist
01 Arpeggiator
02 What It Is To Me (Woman)
03 Red Shoes
04 Jongleur Grey
05 When The World
06 U.S.P.
07 Bordeaux Sequence
08 Pol In B
09 English Landscape Tradition
10 Miss Haymes
11 Donít Think Youíre Funny
12 Dream Topping
13 You Wonít Feel Out Of Place
14 28 Oldham Street
15 LFO Mod
16 Catos Con Guantes

01 Florence Sunset
02 All That Love And Maths Can Do
08 San Giovanni Dawn
04 For Friends In Italy
05 Our Lady Of The Angels
06 Red Shoes (VR Vocal)
07 Song For Les Preger
08 For Rebecca
09 Final Cut
10 When The World (Newson Mix)
11 Arpeggiator II
12 Pol In AB
13 30 Oldham Street
14 When The World (Soundtrack)
15 Our Lady
16 White Rabbit
17 When the World (Version)

01 Prayer (Live)
02 Arpeggiator (Live)
03 Our Lady Of The Angels (Live)
04 Pol In B (Live)
05 Miss Haymes (Live)
06 For Mother (Live)
07 Requiem (Live)
08 Jacqueline (Live)
09 Elevator Sequence (Live)
10 The Mising Boy (Live)
11 When The World (Live)
12 Tomorrow (Live)
13 English Landscape Tradition (Live)
14 Bordeaux Sequence (Live)

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