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The Durutti Column - Postcard Set

A handsome boxed set of 25 litho printed postcards featuring portraits of Vini Reilly and Bruce Mitchell, along with associated artwork and artifacts. Produced in association with Polite Company, the set showcases the work of several photographers including Mark Warner and Philippe Carly, as well as design studio 8vo. The cards are housed in a hand finished buckram textured box, made in Manchester. Copies ordered direct from FBN include a bonus promotional card.

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01 Situationist Group Poster, 1978
02 Fact 14 The Return Of... Glasspaper, 1979
03 Fact 26 La Nouvelle Musique Anglais Poster, 1980 (Alan Horsfall)
04 Vini Reilly Palatine Road 86 Portrait, 1980 (Annik Honore)
05 Vini Reilly Plan K June 27 1980 (Philippe Carly)
06 Vini Reilly Futurama Leeds 1980 (Philippe Carly)
07 Vini Reilly ULB October 31 1980 (Philippe Carly)
08 Vini Reilly Brussels November 1980 (Philippe Carly)
09 Vini Reilly Folllies RTBF TV November 1980 (Philippe Carly)
10 Vini Reilly Portrait, 1982 (Mark Warner)
11 Vini Reilly Portrait, 1982 (Mark Warner)
12 The Durutti Column, 1983 (John Nichols)
13 Short Stories For Pauline #1, 1983 (Mark Warner)
14 Short Stories For Pauline #2, 1983 (Paul Coerten)
15 Fact 84 Without Mercy Artwork (8vo)
16 Piss On The Art Of Noise, NME Advert (1984)
17 The Durutti Column Au Japon 1985 (Yoshimasa Hatano)
18 Vini Reilly, Paris February 1991 (Phil Nicholls)
19 Bruce Mitchell Portrait (Mark Warner)
20 Vini Reilly Fact 244 Portrait, 1988 (Mark Warner)
21 Cities In The Park, August 4 1991 (Mark Warner)
22 Media Scrum, Heaton Park August 4 1991 (Mark Warner)
23 Bruce Mitchell Portrait (Mark Warner)
24 The Placement Of Value, 1998
25 Vini Reilly Fact 244 Portrait, Print Marked For Cropping

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