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Miaow | When It All Comes Down

LTM are pleased to make available the entire recorded works of Miaow, the cult indie guitar band lead by Cath Carroll, whose latest album The Gondoliers Of Ghost Lake was released by the label last November.
Formed by guitarist/singer Cath with drummer Chris Fenner and bassist Steve Macguire in 1984, the group released its debut Belle Vue ep the following year, and in 1986 contributed Sport Most Royal to the celebrated NME compilation C86. Alerted to their talents by a demo, Tony Wilson brought the group to Factory Records, which lead to the release of two unabashed pop singles in 1987: When It All Comes Down and Break The Code.
As well as all the single sides and all eight tracks recorded for both John Peel Sessions, this compilation also includes all compilation tracks, and two previously unheard demos for Miaow's never-completed Factory album Priceless Innuendo. After the band splintered, Cath recorded her acclaimed solo debut for Factory, England Made Me (1991), itself recently re-released by LTM. Included in the extensive sleevenotes is a frank memoir by La Carroll herself. Cath spent her teenage years in Manchester and co-edited the vitriolic scenesheet City Fun. After moving to London in 1984 she wrote for the NME and fronted Miaow, then relocated to Chicago in 1990. To date Cath has released four solo albums.

| tracklist
01 Belle Vue
02 Fate
03 Grocer's Devil Daughter
04 Sport Most Royal
05 Did She? (Peel Session 6/86)
06 Following Through (Peel Session 6/86)
07 Three Quarters Of The Way To Paradise (Peel Session 6/86)
08 Cookery Casualty (Peel Session 6/86)
09 When It All Comes Down
10 Did She?
11 Just Keep Walking (Peel Session 2/87)
12 Tames At High Water (Peel Session 2/87)
13 The Dreamer's Death (Peel Session 2/87)
14 Fate (Peel Session 2/87)
15 Break The Code
16 Stolen Ears
17 When It All Comes Down (Catechism)
18 Carnal Drag (Demo)
19 Fear Of The Sun (Demo)
20 King Creole



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