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Marine | Life In Reverse

The first CD by the legendary raw punk-funk combo signed by Les Disques du Crepuscule and later known as Allez Allez. Marine formed in Brussels in 1980 and were chiefly active between 1981-82, releasing three classic singles in Life In Reverse, Rive Gauche and Same Beat. Frequently anthologised on post-punk compilations, the debut Life In Reverse was praised to the heavens by the UK music press and reached number six in the UK indie charts in April 1981, as well as influencing Josef K's later funky direction. Fronted by charismatic singers Marc Desmare and Sarah Gregory, Marine were a fleetingly brilliant band with the hooks -and the looks- for mainstream success. Yet sadly their early promise went unfulfilled, and the group split in the middle of recording their first Peel session. Marine must also rank as one of the few outfits in which the frontman (Marc) persuaded his bandmates to break his leg with a hockey bat, this in order to obtain release from compulsory military service.
The CD gathers together all Marine studio recordings for the first time, and also includes a 25 min. QuickTime audio visual section featuring charming Super 8 home movie footage of a trip to London to perform at a Crepuscule night at Heaven in July 1981, plus rehearsal material, as well as the superb monochrome clip for Napoli. The booklet features original artwork by Benoit Hennebert, detailed sleevenotes and archive photos.

| tracklist
01 Life In Reverse
02 Animal In My Head
03 Same Beat
04 Marenas Bop
05 Scrub
06 Remember Caribou
07 A Proposito Dei Napoli
08 How To Keep Cool
09 Turn Up The Meter
10 She's Stirring Up
11 A Man And A Woman
12 Leningrad In Winter
13 Dim The Light
14 Kiss My Knee
15 A Proposito Dei Napoli
16 Une Soiree Avec...



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