ltmcd 2438

A Certain Ratio | I'd Like To See You Again + Singles

Expanded CD re-release of the classic third studio album by post-punk funkers A Certain Ratio, originally released by Factory Records in October 1982. The last album to feature the original quintet of Donald Johnson, Jeremy Kerr, Martin Moscrop, Simon Topping and Peter Terrell, I'd Like To See You Again saw the band move from the aquatic textures of Sextet towards a more stripped-down sound, influenced by the latin and electro scene in New York. Stand-out tracks include the funky Touch, vocoder workout Show Case and the minimalist single Guess Who?
On this remastered and expanded CD edition, no less than five bonus tracks have been added to the original eight on the album. These include the 7" and 12" versions of the ACR dancefloor favourite Knife Slits Water, flipside Tumba Rhumba, an exclusive remix of Guess Who?, and the rare single I Need Someone Tonite, released in 1983 and the first ACR record to feature keyboard player Andy Connell.
The re-release of I'd Like To See You Again follows on from the recent run of popular ACR reissues on Soul Jazz, which include Early, The Graveyard And The Ballroom, To Each and Sextet. LTM will also released an archive in-concert recording, Live In Groningen 26.10.1980 (LTMCD 2443).

| tracklist
01 Touch
02 Saturn
03 Hot Knights
04 I'd Like To See You Again
05 Showcase
06 Sesamo Apriti - Corco Vada
07 Axis
08 Guess Who?
09 Knife Slits Water (7" Mix)
10 I Need Someone Tonite
11 Tumba Rumba
12 Guess Who? (FBN Remix)
13 Knife Slits Water (12" Mix)



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