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Trembling Blue Stars | Lips That Taste Of Tears

Extended re-issue of the 1st album. TBS were formed in 1995, initially as a solo vehicle for singer and songwriter Bobby Wratten, assisted by long-term studio collaborator Ian Catt (St Etienne). After three albums - Her Handwriting (1996), Lips That Taste Of Tears (1998) and Broken By Whispers (released in North America on Sub Pop), Bobby was joined by co-vocalist and keyboard player Beth Arzy, who is also a member of LA-based Aberdeen. Since then TBS have released two further albums and completed several North American tours. TBS songs have also appeared in episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and One Tree Hill.
This newly expanded and remastered edition of Lips That Taste Of Tears features 74 minutes of music and one bonus track. Stand-out songs include single The Rainbow, Letter Never Sent and Never Loved You More. The booklet features revised artwork, together with a detailed artist biography by American journalist Michael Hill.

| tracklist
01 All I Never Said
02 Headlights
03 Never Loved You More
04 The Rainbow
05 Made For Each Other
06 Letter Never Sent
07 I'm Tired I've Tried
08 You've Done Nothing Wrong Really
09 Old Photographs
10 Never Loved You More 2
11 Deserve
12 Cecila In Black & White
13 Tailspin
14 Farewell To Forever
15 Though I Still Want To Fall Into Your Arms



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