Operation Twilight

PM: Business was conducted from 11 Beck Road, Hackney, London E8, a bohemian locale; house-mates and neighbours included Roddy Frame, 23 Skidoo and Psychic TV, Interim art gallery and a lot of cockroaches.

              Artistic Director: Patrick Moore
              Designer: Dave Baker
              Press: Madeleine Groves
              Publicity / A&R: Rob Holden
              Accounts: Rachel Rooney
              Photography: Mark Baker

Press Release 1
London 1982

Operation Twilight would like to announce the instigation of its activities in Great Britain. Formed on St. Patrick's Day, our first release shall be an album by Tuxedomoon, comprising their soundtrack to the Maurice bejart ballet "Divine", based on the life of Greta Garbo. This is scheduled for the last week in May.

Following "Divine" will be a 7" single by Parisian 3-piece Antena, guests on the "North to South Dialogue" Crepuscule tour. The A side is entitled "The Boy From Ipanema" and is a variation on the Amba produced by John Foxx (2nd week in June).

Paul Haig is at this moment recording in Brussels, and Operation Twilight is bringing out a 12" version of this marvellous "Justice", surely a future No.1.

Virginia Astley realises an ambition to record a solo LP, a collection of piano pieces backed by various non-human voices. The release date for this shall be the 5th of July.

Lastly, The French Impressionists would like you to know of their 3-track 7" of 50s-style modern music played by attractive, competent musicians which should be available on Twilight quite soon.

Something nice to wake up to...

              OPT 001     TUXEDOMOON "Divine" LP
              OPT 002     ANTENA "The Boy From Ipanema" 7"
              OPT 003     PAUL HAIG "Justice" 12"
              OPT 004     VIRGINIA ASTLEY / untitled LP
              OPT 005     THE FRENCH IMPRESSIONISTS / untitled 3-track 7"

Your co-operation is appreciated.

Press Release 2
London 1982

....and then we will be releasing Howard Devoto's first published work, a collection of his lyrics written during the Magazine period, with the photographs of Birrer and drawings of Linder. It is entitled "Heart Beats Up Love" and should be available in the last week of June.

You may have also have heard of The Pale Fountains. They are a group from Liverpool who seem to have struck a number of people with their envigorating approach to the pop idiom; Operation Twilight has a single released in July.

And just in case you forgot...

              OPT 001     TUXEDOMOON "Divine" LP (14th May)
              OPT 002     ANTENA "The Boy From Ipanema" 7" (28th May)
              OPT 003     PAUL HAIG "Running Away" 7" (21st May)
              OPT 006     HOWARD DEVOTO (17th June)
              OPT 009     THE PALE FOUNTAINS / untitled 7" (2nd July)

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