Press Release

OPT 001 (LP)
Operation Twilight

Operation Twilight would like to announce their first release, an LP by Tuxedomoon, the neo-dada name for a group of American artists-turned-musicians who turn modern music into phenomenal performance art.

Now based in Brussels they were commissioned by the famous choreographer Maurice Bejart to write the soundtrack to the ballet "Divine", which is a tribute to the life and works of Greta Garbo.

An excerpt of this, their fourth LP can be heard on their most recent release, a 12" entitled "Ninotchka" (Les Disques du Crepuscule)...

"In Tuxedomoon, there is the music, the visual and the people... like that of a surrealist film. Tuxedomoon, the 'Chien Andalou' of vinyl."

Tuxedomoon are...

Steven Brown: keyboards and horns
Blaine Reininger: strings and guitar
Peter Principle: bass guitar and percussion
Winston Tong: singer
Bruce Geduldig: vocals/visuals

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