The Face July 1982

A stalwart of Scottish nouveau bop, Paul Haig has been the prime mover behind the setting up of Operation Twilight, the British arm of Les Disques du Crepuscule who have already established a strong -- if over-arty -- identity for themselves here. Crepuscule's founder Michel Duval, also the European partner in Factory Benelux, has built up a flourishing business with outlets in Paris and New York as well as a base in Brussels, but the extreme variety of Crepuscule's releases from much publicised pop hopefuls Marine to avant English composer Michael Nyman lead to accusations of artistic pretentiousness and an impending backlash. The crunch came with Haig's temporary domicile early this year in Brussels. According to Patrick Moore, who runs Operation Twilight: "He found recording and living there very difficult -- claustrophobic and incestuous. Bigger labels like Island were after him and he wanted to come back to England. We had to choose between losing him or setting up something here that could handle his accessibility, something geared to releasing potentially pop records." Operation Twilight was set up in March, so by Haig's return in May they were ready to roll. So far movement on Haig's first release "Running Away" has been slow, though scoring an NME Single of the Week is hoped to set his idiosyncratic, rhythmic pop in motion. Haig is to follow up with another single "Justice" in the third week of this month and a 12" disco single "Blue for You" recorded in Edinburgh with members of the much-praised Hey Elastiqua (sic). Along with current releases from a Parisian three-piece Antenna (sic) and a thirty-piece orchestra The Lost Jockey, Twilight's "really big hope", besides Haig, is The Pale Fountains, a Liverpool outfit who reckon on writing "Bacharach-style songs, one a week": first out, on July 2, is "(There's Always) Something On My Mind". (Steve Taylor). [Twat].

OPT 003

PAUL HAIG "Running Away": one colour printed A4 retail poster / handbill


Sounds June 5th 1982

PAUL HAIG "Running Away" (Operation Twilight)
Even Franz Kafka has got soul? Could be! Ex-Josef K fellow tackles Sly Stone and if the sleeve is to be trusted plays all himself, which is remarkable because I'm Scottish and I never thought we were any good at ripping off black USA culture... Amazingly delicate rendering that makes Orange Juice's attempts at soul music a wee bit daft looking. All because they heard Uncle Lou sing "I Wanna Be Black"...

OPT 003

PAUL HAIG "Running Away": films for original UK 7" sleeve design

Running Away

PAUL HAIG "Running Away": overseas sleeve designs

1) "Running Away" ~ Belgian 7"/12" (TWI 088 / TWI 089)
2) "Running Away" ~ Belgian 12" (TWI 089) second sleeve
3) "Running Away" ~ French 7" (RAD 015) Radical
4) "Running Away"/"Blue for You" ~ Italian 12" (TWI 106/89) Base

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