OPT 006

HOWARD DEVOTO "Heart Beats Up Love"

"Forehead" by Richard Boon


enter room, reach for lightswitch -- wall is bare! (wrong room?) / frozen moments when the familiar is suddenly strange. ever notice? howard devoto likes to note them down. i've known howard since he was so high and seen the busy notebooks grow. read them, here.

in many ways h. hasn't moved an inch, but gone a country mile. ground covered, littered / maps all over the place / tracks made. follow them, here.

and to approach this thumbnail biograph h. is as unexpectedly a stranger as dillinger dead outside the theatre / incommunicado / no manhatten melodies (but, studies america).

like said, notes kept, played. thorough about this and more, h. ticks items off his list / things heard seen read / something you just said (or will soon). eavesdropping a line on picture-postcards as howard loves cameras, feels like one, threads another spool. projectionist sings a splice of life. how bright this bulb / light glints on forehead / how dark the world! everyday illuminations like shopping-lists. words for use, not being used by and never used-up / recharged by that shock of the old-made-new. flame on! / pen out, more human torchsongs.

so, h. writes his autograph / signs / works / recommends acupuncture to all his friends / can't wait for a new affair / labours, loves, loses love and labour and loss / vivaldi / jazz / waddya make uh yer neighbour?

FAVOURITE FOOD: biryani / tikka
FAVOURITE COLOUR: white (regrets past bedroom blacks)
FAVOURITE 5 WORDS: "i like ice cream now" (to morley / nme)
FAVOURITE BOOK: executioner's song / mailer

tastes like you, me, any other popster / remember at least one great moment: popped-star stood stockstill on top of network TV / fab incident! melodrama inaction! does nothing but show how programme works / phrases parachute ballroom and dancers freefall. h. loves the charts / not destructive like that, our boy, wants to associate with some success (so far, typical hetman / wants hit, man).

remember at least h. say he write for those going quietly mad in cafes the wide world over / is this apolitical? / such a romantic skull, such cross bones! such visible calculation, such perverse innocence! wannanother cup? tick! (one more item). remember h. set newsitems to melody / reflect on peking hooligan gone big character in posters of nostalgia. can't begin to forget to remember this friend, or anyone.

so, you wanna maintain point of view, be mote in god's eye, bite apples??? here's how: roll back carpet, sweep floorborads, dansette private party-line, listen in. h. likes housekeeping, too. no reason not to / cures common-cold, someone says.

hear: a lover's lovesongs / pillowtalk that says, above all, howard devoto is the name of an ordinary joe.

01.35 / 07.10.82 / richard boon / new hormones (on alcohol / radio moscow)
(from notes 29.04.82 to date)

© 1982 Richard Boon


The essential "It Only Looks As If It Hurts" which includes all of Devoto's lyrics from Buzzcocks to Luxuria, was published in 1990 by Black Spring ~ ISBN 0-948238-08-9.

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