NME August 1982

PAUL HAIG "Justice" / "Chance" (Operation Twilight)
Paul Haig doesn't need a lexicon to understand the more intimate notions of love as a means of escape from sobriety. Haig gets drunk on love's richer fluids, even when he floats his romance on deceptively light electronics, like on 'Justice'. But his commitment is so obvious he doesn't have to scream it: Love unto death, or at least as long as it lasts. The dark voice coasts it, embodying emotions that words alone can only playfully suggest: "Beyond the law so I -- Way past reason, oh my -- I get away -- I get away -- from it all -- tonight." If there's any left in the world, 'Justice' will be the word on everybody's lips, thereby vindicating Paul Morley's faith. And Mine.
(Chris Bohn)

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