Press Release

7" OPT 009
12" + "Lavinia's Dream" (Crepuscule)
Two tracks on Crepuscule compilations
New Single "Longshot" released mid-September
LP to follow

31st August ~ Platos Ballroom, Liverpool
3rd September ~ Rock Garden, london
11th September ~ ICA, London
then Belgium and France to follow.
A sIngle release on Operation Twilight: 9 / 7 / 82 OPT 009

THE PALE FOUNTAINS, having released their first single on Operation Twilight ("Just A Girl" / "Something On My Mind"), follow up their adventure into gossip columns with three live concerts in England and a modest tour of Europe. You'll find them at Platos Ballroom, Liverpool, on 31st of August, then the Rock Garden, London, on 3rd September and the ICA, London, on the 11th. We can expect a Crepuscule 12" of their English single soon with an extra song "Lavinia's Dream". Further recordings for our cousins include two cover versions from Bond movies for their imminent soundtrack compilation.

Operation Twilight are lucky enough to have a new Pale Fountains single on the way, due for release in mid-September and entitled "Longshot", a version of which you may have heard on their recent Radio One session.


Belgian 12"

THE PALE FOUNTAINS TWI 118 (© 1982 Crepuscule)
"(There Is Always) Something On My Mind" / "Just A Girl" / "Lavinia's Dream"

Released August 1982


Sounds October 9th 1982

I thought it was odd. I was wondering about the M. Was it Dial M for Music or Dial M for Minimalism? With people like Michael Nyman, Lost Jockey and Ivor Cutler (earlier in the week), my money was on minimalism. Then The Pale Fountains and Eddie And Sunshine came along to confuse the issue; meanwhile the organiser said he wanted to book unclassifiable bands so the oddity was intentional.

Eddie And Sunshine turned up trumps. Just to be difficult, they turned out to be expansively minimalist. I had been warned that they were a cabaret band. There were hints of cabaret but it was more Joel Grey than Tony Evans. Clever, calculated, corny and entertaining, this duo have perfected a machine art. There's something inherently mathematical about their act. The causal is not at all casual; their words and motion have been honed down to a fine art. There is a polished and purposeful lack of spontaneity.

I must say now that they have got nothing to do with Dollar or Biddie And Eve. They take the music hall to synthesisers, they play machine games in their act. The tape recorder becomes an active member and speaks for itself, mime and drama interconnect with the lyrics. They are hacking down the walls of 'what should happen at a gig'.

Eddie is the emaciated dandy, Sunshine is the flapper.They take the essence of British-ness and lay the Euro image across the surface. A heavy disco beat dances across their imagery. It's all a question of connections. I doubt whether they will be allowed to make a hit single, but they will go on making fascinating shows. It's progress without acquiescing.

I thought The Pale Fountains would be too sweet for my sugar-free diet. The Scout fixation is taking the clean cut image overboard and I'm ready to reject, but these Liverpool lads are incredibly beguiling.

Harmless they stand, inoffensive they play, but infiltrating they stay. My mind of clay turns to chalk. Limp and wimp waver on my lips and are swallowed again.

"It takes me back", I hear more than once. Mutterings of "Ah yes, just like Love" are heard. Their simplicity and acoustic guitars win hearts. I'm wide eyed and enjoying myself. They've found a groove that moves in the right direction. Lilting and lyrical, they aren't sickly -- they've got a raw innocence that bites. One lonely trumpet lights their fire. Radio Two lives again. Jose Feliciano raises his head.

The Pale Fountains have got a good combination -- unspoiled and substantial. They bring back the romance that teeny mags have violated. I'm convinced. (Rose Rouse)


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