OPT 012

R.O.L.: "Blue for You" / "Blue" (12" © 1982 Operation Twilight)
12" test pressing only.
Groove notations:
Side A) "Romance is hard" + "Utopia"
Side B) "Sex is harder"


Sounds July 31st 1982

PAUL HAIG, former Josef K frontman now turned pop contender, follows up his Materbag flexi "Blue For You" (featuring the adorable Giles and Sam from Hey! Elastica) with a new single "Justice", the song raved about in these very pages by young Waller months ago. Meanwhile Hey! Elastica themselves continue to confirm their status as 'hot new property' and 'a good name to drop' by signing a publishing deal with Virgin for a vast, undisclosed fee. After recording impressive demos at The Barge, they're being pursued by numerous anxious record companies -- expect more news soon in these pages!

BAG 003

PAUL HAIG: "Blue" (Square flexi © 1982 Masterbag)
Available free with "Masterbag" magazine: Issue 13, July 8th-21st 1982

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