Original 7"s

The Twilight 12" features upgraded versions of compositions which had previously only been available in the form of two 7" single releases in Germany through small-scale independents Rondo and Pure Freude. The intention was to make all four recordings widely available for the first time -- on 12" vinyl and with much improved sound.

DOUBLE FEATURE "Erazerhead" / "Assault"
(Germany) 7" Single © 1980 Rondo; FIT 11

DIE LEMMINGE "Lorelei" / "Im Himmel"
(Germany) 7" Single © 1981 Pure Freude, PF 08 CK4


Sounds February 12th 1983

RALPH DORPER "Erazerhead" (Operation Twilight)
The weird and wonderful Operation Twilight gets even weirder -- coming soon, the new 23 Skidoo LP, which will make it even more weirder. This four track 12" EP catalogues the work of Ralph Dorper from 1980 and is strong evidence that we should hear more. Side one consists of two tracks from his first single which represents his readings of Carpenter's Assault on Precenct 13 and David Lynch's Erazerhead. Being two of my favourite films it's easy to see the way in which he used them for guidance and how successful the pieces are. The second side features tracks which were released under the name Die Lemminge and these too retain the eerie qualities of Lynch and the minimal but effective style of Carpenter. Perfect music for the gothic horror of everyday life. (Dave Henderson)


Melody Maker February 5th 1983

RALPH DORPER "Erazerhead" (Operation Twilight)
By far the week's most interesting artyfact -- a 12 inch EP comrising four tracks, some of the music is taken from the brilliant film "Erazerhead" and, although it scores a pop factor of zero, it encompasses a host of the strangest and most enduring sounds heard on vinyl for quite a while, varying between sounding like a herd of elephants exploring darkest Africa's tombs and a man with a strange haircut watching chickens vibrate on the dinner table. (Guest reviewer Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran)


NME February 5th 1983

RALPH DORPER "Erazerhead" (Operation Twilight)
DIVA "Sentimental Promenade" (Palace video)
On principle I never watch a film made later than 1958, so all I can tell you about these flicks is that they were cult successes -- which means they were seen by a grand total of nine people (including the usherette and the Kis-Ora cutie) in a Mill Hill arthouse. "Erazerhead" sounds like Kraftwerk playing with themselves -- rotten -- while "Sentimental Promenade" sounds like a baby grand in a padded cell -- wonderful stuff. (Julie Birchill)

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