APRIL SHOWERS (November 1982)

Newlands. The Sleepy Hollow of the North. It would be a wise traveller indeed who, strolling through this plush suburban outback, detected the first stirrings of a new pop phenomenon. The cynical onlooker might suggest that the musical matrimony of teen misanthropist JONATHAN B. BERNSTEIN, stocky stoic HUBBLE and shambling Rodney Bewes acolyte BOBBY CALDWELL is damning proof of Fate's warped sense of humour. "However", muses Jonathan, "the only important thing in Pop is the Song. That's what people hear first and that's what they're going to remember".

April Showers have a repertoire built to last a lifetime. Waiting, wanting, lying, loving, losing, crying... all human life is here. Tunes like "Any Wednesday", "Don't Stay Away Too Long", "All Of The Stars In The Sky" and "Once In A Blue Moon" truly are songs for all seasons. Working within a flexible framework allows the three-man team scope to work with a variety of instrumentalists and singers, the vocals on their current sample tape feature ex-French Impressionist, Beatrice Colin. The team are currently engaged in recruiting new accomplaces and hope to take to the boards in early October.


On receipt of a number of early demos, "Don't Stay Away Too Long" appears to have been OT's initial choice for the debut April Showers single, but by November '82 it seems that the band were thinking of saving this song, at least until such a time as it could be transformed by a "bigger production" into a proper "pop hit", one which would perhaps be "more suited" as a second single. In its place a new A-side, "While The City Sleeps", would pave the way for later and greater things whilst the original B-side idea, "Something To Shout About", was also to be replaced by another newer composition, "Wasn't That A Rainbow". The sure existence of any of these final recordings, however, has yet to be varified.

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