PATRICK MOORE for invaluable help in providing much of the information and visual material featured on this website; SIMON KENNEDY and PAUL WINTER at LAB PROJECTS for sharpening up the OT logo; MADELEINE GROVES for insights into working at an independent label in the early 1980s; GARY LEVERMORE of Tora for background plus general info, especially re. 23 Skidoo; ROB HOLDEN For the loan of the Richard Jobson album....; MATTHEW COLLIN re. 23 Skidoo; CHRIS BOHN at The Wire for the OPT 008 test pressing; CHARLES COSH for info re. April Showers and The French Impressionists; DELE FADELE at New Musical Express; KEVIN WHITLOCK at Record Collector; IAN CALDER at Aktivitat for sound HTML advice.