twi 114cd

Antena | Camino Del Sol

Camino Del Sol is the classic debut album by chic French electro-samba trio Antena, first issued by Les Disques du Crepuscule in September 1982. The original mini-album featured only 5 songs, including stand-out tracks Camino Del Sol and Silly Things. This remastered double disc edition adds 11 bonus cuts, including wry debut single The Boy From Ipanema, (produced by John Foxx), Christmas jingle Noelle A Hawaii, single b-sides, and two rare songs in Joppo + Eno and On The Boat.
This new 2013 double disc edition of TWI 114 also includes two unreleased live concerts (19 tracks) from October 1982, recorded on Crepuscule's 'Move Back-Bite Harder' tour with 23 Skidoo, Tuxedomoon, Cabaret Voltaire and Pale Fountains, featuring two unreleased songs Mirador and New York USA. Artwork by Benoit Hennebert. Mailorder copies come in Crepuscule slipcase. Antena (1982) were Isabelle Powaga, Pascale Moiroud and Sylvain Fasy.

| tracklist
01 Camino Del Sol
02 To Climb The Cliff
03 Silly Things
04 Sissexa
05 Achilles
06 Bye Bye Papaye
07 Noelle A Hawai
08 Les Demoiselles De Rochefort
09 Spiral Staircase
10 Unable
11 The Boy From Ipanema
12 Seaside Weekend
13 Frantz
14 Ingenue
15 Joppo + Eno
16 On The Boat

01 Seaside Weekend
02 Unable
03 Mirador
04 Achilles
05 Camino Del Sol
06 Silly Things
07 The Boy From Ipanema
08 New York USA
09 To Climb The Cliff
10 Bye Bye Papaye
11 Sissexa
12 Seaside Weekend
13 Achilles
14 Camino Del Sol
15 The Boy From Ipanema
16 New York USA
17 To Climb The Cliff
18 Bye Bye Papaye
19 Sissexa



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