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Deux Filles | Space & Time

Les Disques du Crepuscule presents Space & Time, a brand new album by Deux Filles, the reclusive arthouse duo comprising Colin Lloyd-Tucker and Simon Fisher Turner, aka Gemini Forque and Claudine Coule.
The fictive French girls released two high-regarded albums of ambience and found sound at the dawn of the 1980s: Silence & Wisdom and Double Happiness. Since then Simon Fisher Turner has become a prolific soundtrack composer (Caravagio, Blue, The Epic Of Everest), as well as finding cult pop success as The King of Luxemburg. Alongside a string of eclectic solo releases, Colin Lloyd-Tucker's vocal and production credits include work with Kate Bush, The The and Sweet Dreamer.
Space & Time sees Deux Filles reunited after 33 and a third years of silence, recorded on a musical Grand Tour which took in France, England, Scotland, Nicaragua and Japan. Now, as then, fellow travellers include Matt Johnson (The The), Anni Hogan (Marc Almond) and The Elysian Quartet, as well as Paddy Bush, Maggie Ronson and David Coulter. With inner bag. Also available on CD (TWI 1161 CD)

| tracklist
A01 Her New Master
A02 Belle's Bell
A03 Mandy's Playroom
A04 Horsebox Parade
A05 Moon Starers Return
A06 Song For Ozu
A07 Prayer For Vince
A08 Mata Laya Pata
A09 Shell-Like Cornice
A10 Mouth Popsicle Explosion
A11 Preparing Wet Piano Tuna
A12 A440HZ (No Solids)
B01 Oh How We Laughed With the Capsizing Girls
B02 Happy Clappy
B03 Soft Crushed Love
B04 Spooky Gumbo Trance
B05 Twinblade Sofa Cull
B06 Deep Snowdrop
B07 Pighouse Parachute Blues
B08 Treasure Trove Of Memories
B09 Gigante Beach (And The Giant Pig)
B10 The Five Sexes
B11 The Voice of Experience
B12 Happy Ending

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