twi 1256cd

Campbell/Mallinder/Benge | Clinker (Expanded)

Les Disques Du Crepuscule presents a new collaborative project by Julie Campbell (aka LoneLady), Stephen Mallinder (Wrangler, Cabaret Voltaire) and Benge (Wrangler, John Foxx). Titled Clinker, their acclaimed 2021 album is now available as a 10 track CD featuring 4 bonus tracks remixed by Gabe Gurnsey (of Factory Floor) and Pete Morgan (aka UXB).
Electronic Sound magazine made Clinker one of its albums of the year in 2021. "Clinker conjures visions of decaying concrete flyover pillars, stained with the oxide of its iron trusses, and the empty spaces between them. This Ballardian grimness comes partly from Stephen Mallinder's voice. His distorted, disrupted evocations, contained in gaseous chambers of reverb and tape echo, are so identifiable with the Xerox aesthetic of early Cabaret Voltaire, and that sense of 1970s dystopia they evoked, that it's hard not to just, you know, go there... Clinker works because it makes features of its limitations - the signal path hisses of Benge's vintage synths, scrapes of plectrum on steel as Campbell's fingers worry at the strings, or the treatment of Mal's voice. Clinker? Corker, more like."
The collaboration also drew praise from Uncut magazine: "A short, sharply-designed collection of tracks fermented over a few years, Clinker builds on Stephen Mallinder and Benge's previous work together in Wrangler and Creep Show, with Julie Campbell of LoneLady in tow. It's a febrile set of 6 songs, with much of it suggesting the anxious avant-grooves of groups like Bush Tetras and 400 Blows, re-tooled for 21st century precision production. Campbell's itchy, prickling guitar claws away at the slick yet sly surfaces of Camouflage and Influx, while Mallinder's vocals are as seething and dreadwise as ever. Tightly constructed, but rich with functional possibilities."
The cover image is by Julie Campbell, with overall design by Twilight. TWI 1256 is also available as a 6 track mini album pressed on turquoise vinyl.

| tracklist
01 Camouflage
02 Monochrome
03 Influx
04 Signification
05 Condition Collapsing
06 Dereliction Magical
07 Dereliction (Phase 1) (Remixed by Gabe Gurnsey)
08 Dereliction (Phase 2) (Remixed by Gabe Gurnsey)
09 Camouflage (Pattern 1) (Remixed by UXB)
10 Camouflage (Pattern 2) (Remixed by UXB)

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