The genealogical (family) tree of Samson
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The history starts in 1695, the year when Leefert Hendriks and Greetjen Jacobs got married in Hellendoorn. Leeffert Hendriks is member of the first masculine lineal descendants of the family Samson. The married couple lived at the Hancate in Rhaan. The generations to follow (until 1899) all used to live and work as farmworkers and farmhands in and around Hellendoorn (Overijssel, the Netherlands) in the valley of the river ‘de Regge’.

Geneological table

  • Leeffert Hendrik & Greetjen Jacobs (17-3-1695)
  • Hendrik Leefferts & Metjen Janss (7-5-1734)
  • Hendrik Jan Hendriksen & Hendrine Gerrits (10-5-1769)
  • Mannes Hendrik Jansen & Derkje Gerrits (3-5-1801)
  • Hendrik Jan Samson & Everdina Weeleman (10-5-1833)
  • Harm Willem Samson & Hermina Heuver (25-5-1866)

    Collateral descendant

  • Gerrit Jan (Jansen) Olde Samson & Jenneken Mollink (4-9-1829)
  • Gerrit Olde Samson & Ida van der Haar (7-6-1838)
  • Derk Samsen & Hendrikje Horsman (10-9-1874)
  • Jan Olde Samson & Henrica ten Brinke (11-5-1866)

    How the name Samson originated ...

    This website will provide you with more information on the origination of the name Samson.

  • Farmyards & Manorial farms

    The family Samson lived in the valley of ‘de Regge’ on farmyards. These farmyards Imhof, Vonkers op den Kerkdijk and Olde Sams were all property of manorial farms (houses/farms belonging to nobility). The people who lived on the property of the manorial farms had special rights. Examples of manorial farms are ‘Huize Eversberg, Huis den Dam, Schuilenburg and Huis Egede.

    Find Hellendoorn on a map

    A map showing these locations and the surroundings of Hellendoorn is available.

    Read more in dutch

    This englisch section is only a small part of the family historie. You can find out more in de dutch part of this website.
    Thanks to extensive research in dusty archives and obscure microfiches by Niels Samson a lot has been uncovered with respect to the history of the family Samson. A great deal of the information was found in the Rijksarchief (Public Record Office) Overijssel in Zwolle. If you would like to know more, if you have more information or if you have any questions with respect to this subject, please e-mail

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