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Java Sketchpad Constructions
Predefined Extensions

Java Sketchpad Constructions
Point(a,b,options)Draws a movable point at location (a,b)
FixedPoint(a,b,options)Draws a fixed point at location (a,b)
Midpoint(a,options)The midpoint of Segment a
Point_on_object(a,number,options)a point on object a, 0<number<1 specifies the location
Intersect(a,b,options)The point of intersection between the linear objects a and b
Intersect1(a,b,options)One point of intersection of circle b and object a
Intersect2(a,b,options)The second point of intersection of circle b and object a
PlotXY(a,b,c,options)Plots (c,a) on coordinate system b
UnitPoint(a,num,options)Defines a draggable point num pixels to the right of point a
DriverPoint(a,b,options)used in interapplet communication
Segment(a,b,options)Connects points a and b by a Segment
Line(a,b,options)Draws a line though a and b
Ray(a,b,options)Draws ray with foot b, a defines the direction
Parallel(a,b,options)Draws a line parallel to a through b
Perpendicular(a,b,options)Draws a line perpendicular to a through b
AxisX(a,options)Defines the horizontal axis of coordinatesystem a
AxisY(a,options)Defines the vertical axis of coordinatesystem a
Circle_interior(a,options)Draws the interior of circle a
Circle_by_radius(a,b,options)Circle with centre a through point b
Circle(a,b,options)Circle with centre a and radius equal to the length of segment b
OriginUnit(a,b,options)Defines a coordinate system centered at point a, with a unit length determined by the distance of a to b
UnitCircle(a,options)Coordinate system centered on circle a with unit length the radius of a
Locus(a,b,c,n,options)Locus of a point or straight object a, when point b moves along path c (circle, straight object or polygon). n defines the number of samples
Polygon(a,options)Draws a shaded polygon. a is a list of points. E.g. Polygon([P,Q,R],'') draws the triangle PQR. The square brackets are not necessary: Polygon(a,b,c,'') will also do.
ShowButton(a,b,text,list,options)ShowButton at location (a,b) with caption text. list is a list of objects to be shown. E.g ShowButton(10,10,'Show',[p,q,r],'[green]')
HideButton(a,b,text,list,options)HideButton at location (a,b) with caption text. list is a list of objects to be hidden. E.g HideButton(10,10,'Show',[p,q,r],'[green]')
MoveButton(a,b,c,text,list,options)MoveButton at location (a,b) with caption text. c gives the speed.list is a list of pairs of objects to be moved (order: destination first, then object to be moved). E.g MoveButton(10,10,'Move',[p,q,r,s],'[green]')
AnimateButton(a,b,text,list1,list2,list3,list4,options) AnimateButton at location (a,b) with caption text. list1 is a list of paired objects to be animated (order:object,path), list2 specifies the speed, list3 specifies once only(1) or indefinitly (0); list 4 specifies the type of motion( back and forth(0),one way(1), clockwise(1), counterclockwise(0))
JSP4 only SimultaneousButton(a,b,text,list,options) SimultaneousButton at location (a,b) with caption text. list is a list of buttons to be fired simultaneously.
JSP4 only FixedText(a,b,text,options)Caption text at fixed position (a,b)
JSP4 only PeggedText(a,b,options)Caption with text identical to that of b at position of point a
JSP4 only ConcatText(a,b,list,options)Caption at position (a,b) with text of objects in list concatenated.
Image(a,b,loc,options)Displays image loc (.gif or .jpg) at fixed position (a,b)
JSP4 only ImageOnPoint(a,loc,options)Displays image loc (.gif or .jpg) at position of point a.
JSP4 only ImageBetweenPoints(a,b,loc,options)Displays part of image loc (.gif or .jpg) between points a and b
Length(a,b,c,text,options)Length of segment a
Perimeter(a,b,c,text,options)Perimeter of polygon a
Circumference(a,b,c,text,options)Circumference of circle or circle interior a
Slope(a,b,c,text,options)Slope of straight object a
Area(a,b,c,text,options)Area of circle(interior) or polygon a
Radius(a,b,c,text,options)Radius of circle(interior) a
Angle(a,b,c,d,e,text,options)Angle abc
Distance(a,b,c,d,text,options)Distance between a and b
RatioSegments(a,b,c,d,text,options)Ratio of the length of a and b, |a|/|b|
RatioPoints(a,b,c,d,e,text,options)Ratio of the length of segments ac and ab: |ac|/|ab|
Coordinates(a,b,c,d,text,options)Location of point a w. r. t. coordinate system b
Calculate(a,b,text1,text2,list,options)Perfoms the calculation in text2. Text1 contains a prefix string. List contains one or more object references.
Parameter(a,b,c,text,options)Used in interapplet communication.
Reflection(a,b,options)Reflects a across straight object b
Dilation(a,b,num,options)Dilates a w.r.t. point b with factor num
DilationSegmentRatio(a,b,c,d,options)Dilates a w.r.t. point b with factor |c|/|d|
Dilation3PtRatio(a,b,c,d,e,options)Dilates a w.r.t. point b with factor |cd|/|ce|
DilationMarkedRatio(a,b,c,options)Dilates a w.r.t. point b with factor of measurement c
Rotation(a,b,c,options)Rotates a around b with radian angle c
RotationMarkedAngle(a,b,c,d,e,options)Rotates a around b with angle cde
Translation(a,b,c,options)Translates a. b and c are fixed numbers
VectorTranslation(a,b,c,options)Translates a by the vector implied by points b(foot) and c(tail)
TranslationFixedAngleMarkedDistance(a,b,c,options)See JSP-grammar
PolarTranslation(a,b,c,options)Same as Translation
TranslationMarkedAngleFixedDistance(a,b,c,options)See JSP-grammar
TranslationMarkedAngleMarkedDistance(a,b,c,options)   See JSP-grammar.
JSP4 only RotationMeasuredAngle(a,b,c,options)Rotates a w.r.t. b over the measured angle c.
Predefined Extensions
PerpendicularBisector(a,b,options)Draws Perpendicular Bisector of points a,b
Circle3Points(a,b,c,options)Draws a circle through the points a,b and c
AngleBisector(a,vertex,c,options)Draws Angular Bisector of angle a-vertex-c
AngleBisector2(a,vertex,c,options)Draws second Angular Bisector of angle a-vertex-c
InscribedCircle(a,b,c,options)Draws inscribed circle of points a, b and c
Arc(vertex,startpoint,endpoint,radius,options)Arc with a radius equal to that of Segment radius, with startpoint and endpoint defining the "rays";the arclength is allways less than or equal to 180 degres
Arc2(vertex,startpoint,endpoint,radius,options)Arc with a radius equal to that of Segment radius, with startpoint and endpoint defining the "rays";the arclength is allways more than or equal to 180 degres
Parabola(focus,directrix,options)Draws Parabola given focus and directrix
Ellipse_Hyperbola(focus1,focus2,radius_directrix,options)Draws Ellipse/Hyperbola with foci focus1 and focus2, whose directrix is a circle with centre focus1 and radius given by the length of segment radius_directrix.
bezier(a,options)Constructs a bezier curve. List a contains the points. The curve starts and ends at the first and last point. All other points are guide points. Options contains the options of the curve. Bezier returns an array with two elements. The first element (with index zero) refers to the curve itself. The second element (index 1) is an array that contains the construction. This array can be handed to action buttons.
graph(origin,unit,myfunc,options)draws the graph of the function myfunc.
graph2(origin,unit,myfunc1,myfunc2,options)draws the graph of parametric curve defined by myfunc1 and myfunc2
function pie(a,centrex,centrey,radius,colors) draws a pie chart of array a with centre at (cetrex,centrey) with radius radius ,colors is an array with color names
Extensions made by H. Hietbrink
SegmentText(segment,text,options)text placed at mid of segment
SegmentPeggedText(segment,object,options)text placed at mid of segment
IntersectU(a,b,c,options)unique intersection of a and b, but not c