We're just working to make a special tribute to Eric Gale, his biography and discography (more than 150 records and CD's) are coming soon !!! Do you have any suggestions please let me know through email:           htcos@planet.nl                 Thanks, Tom

Eric Gale tuning during his concert given in Berkel en Rodenrijs (Netherlands). This concert was organized by Tom van Giessen - In a Jazz Tradition - at 14 september 1992. Personnel; Emiel van Egdom- guitar - Jan Knooren - bassguitar - Ron van Stratum - drums -Michel Bisceglia - keys.
Interview with Eric by Tom van Giessen - In a Jazz Tradition
Tom van Giessen, Jazz promotor and broadcasting at a local radio station, get the permission from Eric Gale to use the name - In a Jazz Tradition - for his radio programm. Later in 1998 Tom started a Jazz club in Bleiswijk using the same name in dedication to the memory of the great guitar player Eric Gale.

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