Eric Gale was probably one of the most recorded guitarists in the fusion/jazz scene. We all know Eric, eventhough it’s hard to find out to total his work, all he has done, because eric wasn’t one of the professionals that throws around resume’s, presspacks and businesscards.

His story is one of projects as different and versatile and ranging from Ron Carter to Ralph MacDonald, David Sanborn to Michael Jackson or Tom Scott but also Dutch guitarist Emiel van Egdom.
We could see him in movies like Paul Simon’s “One Trick Pony”and on TV in like “Comedy Relief”with Richard Pryor and Robin Williams.
Besides numerous dates as a sideman, he also has an impressive record of soloprojects plus a vast amount of moviescore playing (like Flashdance or Body Chemistry).
Eric was the ultimate example of the original studiolegend who can let his guitar groove with the heart and soul of a horn or accompany like a pianist.
Recordings and concerts with Eric have a feel like a rock in a beautiful blend of blues, jazz and funk but also mixed with his own carribean blood.


In a Jazz Tradition with Eric Gale


…I got to know Eric while I was recording This is for you where we were introduced by pianist Corey Allen,

who had asked Eric to do my sessions.I remember very well how deep the impression of this meeting with one of my heroes was.

Beside the fact that he was very much a gentleman, he also knew how to put me at ease.

The moment and the feeling that I had when we were tracking "trades"on My sister Xandra still belong to the most important ones in my career.

Eric did on both my records exactly that what made him a legend:every track he did started to groove, he added the final touch. He made sure of the goosebumps.

Since then my relationship with eric evolved into a friendship that looks like a father/son relationship in which Eric helps me, advises me and critisises me, something that, in the hard moments in Los Angeles, was very much needed. I owe him.

Our friendship became a constant source of inspiration, ideas and experiences because of Eric taking me to all kinds of projects that he had to do, where I developed a great admiration and respect for him as a musician, in all his versatality and as a human being in his patience, good tatste and professionalism.

To me in those years became, more than ever, clear how big Eric’s role musically, on hundreds of records, and as a human being, is for our generation.

The total musician, the real studio legend, the master of simplicity and a virtuoso in many styles.

Emiel van Egdom

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