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Since january 1999 Adviesbureau Huiberts provide the following services:

Software-development DDC:
Most of the current Building Management Systems are just configurable, which means that fixed software-modules can be activated and linked together, while the user can only change the set values. Opposite to this, there are also free-programmable systems, which offer almost unlimited possibilities to create smart controlling strategies, so that every project can be tailor-made and further optimised during the following years. Building Management Systems of Andover Controls are completely free-programmable and are the most advanced systems in its kind. Its limitations lie in the skills of the programmer.
Hans Huiberts has acquired a lot of experience with these systems and is a specialist in software-development for new or complex applications. He mostly works with Andover Controls-systems, but he also has experience with other manufactures.

Regularly Adviesbureau Huiberts is consulted on a regular basisi if there are problems with Andover Controls-systems or herewith controlled installations. Hans Huiberts knows most of these systems in the Netherlands, is a specialist of this software and also in the field of HVAC.

Remote Control:
If, by circumstances, a user is not able to manage his own installations or BMS, Adviesbureau Huiberts can take over from its office in Castricum.

Adviesbureau Huiberts execute energy-management for a number of customers. This consists not only the registration and guarding the energy use, but also in the advising of the customer on measures and contracts Furthermore, softwarechanges in order to save energy and costs cab be carried out. A yearly report with recommendations is delivered. Necessary changes in the software can be executed without third-party mediation. This reduces faults, time and costs.

Periodical inspections:
Very often a specialist can see at a glance what is good and what goes wrong. If this specialist can immediately adapt the software or give an advice for improvement or exchangement, then yearly surveys can be very useful. Mostly this has more effect than periodical inspections of only some in- and outputs, which is teh regular practice. The surveys of Adviesbureau Huiberts generally also contain the optimalisation of the control-parameters and inspection of the set-values. Further advice on energy-savings is possible.

Adviesbureau Huiberts conclude only contracts for yearly surveys and/or energy-management. Besides that, incidental service for trouble-shooting is possible.

The design and dimensioning of technical installations is a different discipline than the dynamical management of these installations under changing circumstances. Many technical specifications of HVAC-installations have a lack of the information, needed for the programmer to compile the right controlling software. Adviesbureau Huiberts can be helpfull and has already produced many software-specifications for HVAC. These form the necessary base for the programmer, while he is writing the application-software, and after that they serve as manuals for the BMS-user.

Adviesbureau Huiberts provides courses for people, who work with BMS and want to understand the properties and control of their technical installations, suchs as airconditioning, total-energy-systems, buffering-systems, etc. Energy management can also be a subject of education.





Remote Control


Periodical inspections





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