Invitation to the 3. CHUM-meeting in Hundested, Denmark, October 21-25, 2002.

INFONOR will hereby invite you to the 3. CHUM-meeting in Hundested.
One of the themes of the meeting is Environmental Protection and Indigenous Peoples in Russia. Many peoples are engaged in the work with environmental protecion in the russian areas, both inside and outside of Russia. WWF forinstance work on a stategy for protected areas all over the Arctic (compare WWF Arctic Bulletin number 1, 02). Russia have different kinds of environmental protecion, Zapovednik, Zakaznik and Ethnoecologic Parks. How these different initiatives affect the indigenous peoples possibilities to traditional exploitation of the national ressources will be discussed on the 3. CHUM- meeting. Western NGOs will be confronted in the future years with the different kinds of protection.
Different lobby groups will ask for our support for or against different kinds of protection. That is why it is extremly important that we know the difference between and the consequence of the different kinds of protected areas.
The second theme is the Chum cooperation and projects in Russia. We would also like to pay attention to the role of indigenous women and their involvement in the cooperation with the ngo's.
Beside of the CHUM- meeting there will be an excursion to the house and museum of the westgreenlandian polar explorer Knud Rasmussen.
The conference lanquage will be english with simultaneous translation into russian.
INFONOR can, because of financial support from the Environmental Ministry, offer you free accomodation. All you need to take care of is your travelling expenses to Copenhagen and back. Except for the invited quests from Russia. We will pay the travelexpences and apply for visa. To do so we need to have full name, address, passport number and date of expiry.
We meet in Copenhagen on the 21. of october in the 'Greenlandic House', Lvstrde 6. Here you can leave your luggage and we will all have dinner together at 6.00 pm. A bus will pick us up at 7.30 pm and drive us to Hundested. The conference days are the 22, 23 and 24. On the 25, after breakfast a bus will pick us up at 11.00 am and drive us to city of Copenhagen. If some of you wants to stay a few days longer INFONOR can help you to find a place to stay. We hope that you can come but please let us know as soon as possible.

Contact:INFONOR, Claus Oreskov
Ryesgade 103 C
DK-2100 Copenhagen
Phone:+45 35 26 70 73


October 22, Thuesday

8.00 am Breakfast

9.00 am Introduction to 3. CHUM.
Viacheslav Mihailovich Makeyev ( Polar Academy):
Legal aspects of special conservation territories of Russian Arctic

10.30 am Coffeebreak.
Galina Pavlovna Fyodorova, (Consultant of the Committee on the Nationalities Affairs of State Duma): The legislation of the Indigenous peoples of the Russian federation, specifically obschina organisation, land and resources

12.00 am Lunch

1.00 pm Workshops

1) Ngo's involvement in establishing Obschinas by funding. When is it relevant? Which considerations should be taken? What is the responsibility of the ngo's ? Chair: Galina Pavlovna Fyodorova, (Consultant of the Committee on the Nationalities Affairs of State Duma).

2) Is there a need to increase the involvement of indigenous women in the relation between indigenous peoples and ngo's concerning project and political work? If so what is the best way to realize this? Chair: Alona Yefimenko (IPS)

3) Is there a need to emphazise understanding and cooperation between Environmental organizations and Human Rights organizations ? Is there a way for them to integrate each others perspectives?

3.30 pm Coffeebreak

4.00 pm 5.00 pm Presentation of workshops in Plenum.

6.30 pm Dinner

9.00 pm 12.00 pm Arctic Midnight Caf

October 23, Wednesday

8.00 am Breakfast

9.00 am Andrey Stepanovich Glotov (State Nature Reserve 'Nenetskii'/ depute director): The Natural Reserve 'Nenetskii' - as a form of preservation of biodiversity and interaction with indigenous peoples of the European North.

9.00 am Vladimir Stepanovich Dmitriyev (Centre for Interregional Cooperation of Ethnic communities of the North 'Ethnopole'): Problems of life-support of the indigenous population of the North in conditions of industrial development.

10.30 am Coffeebreak.
Vladimir N. Dobrynin. The Consequenses for the indigenous peoples of the biosphere preservation zone 'Commandorskoje' on Bering Island.

12.00 am Lunch

1.00 pm Workshops

1) The consequences of Zapovednik, Zakaznik and Ethnoecologic Parks proportional to indigenous traditional ressource utilization.

2) Project makers may face sincere problems if regional governments and official development strategies are not taken in concideration prior to local involvement. There may be delicate and unclear jurisdictional boundaries between the role of organizations and the role of communities. How do we best secure that all parties will have a maximum outcome of a project? Chair: Mads Fgteborg (Arctic Information)

3) The possibility of reviving a press and litteratures in indigenous languages. Chair: Peter Jessen (INFONOR)

3.30 pm Coffeebreak

4.00 pm 5.00 pm. Presentation of Workshops in plenum

16.30 pm Dinner

Excursion to the house and museum of the Polar explorer Knud Rasmussen.

Arctic Midnight Caf

Thursday, October 24

8.00 am Breakfast

10.30 am Coffeebreak
Maria Doeke Boekraad. (Independent Consultant)
EU support for NGO work in Russia.

12.00 am Lunch

1.00 pm

1) Cooperation between western ngo's, russian ngo's and indigenous peoples concerning development projects

2) Writing a Project Proposal. (For russians who apply for projects in the West) The term ''project'' encompass the identification, planning, knowledge, staff, equipment, and money required to meet a need or solve a problem. Each project has its own premise, and no two projects are the same. Yet there are some common preconditions to learn. (Study material available in Russian only.) Chair: Mads Fgteborg (Arctic Information)

3) Evaluation of the present CHUM forum and recommandations to the future CHUM cooperation. What should be the purpose of the CHUM platform? Who are the CHUM-list participants and should we have an open or closed list?

3.30 pm Coffeebreak

4.00 pm 5.30 pm Presentation of workshops in plenum and evaluation and planning of next meeting

7.00 pm Banquet including cultural entertainment by the greenlandian choir MIK.

9.00 pm - ?? Entertainment and late night Arctic Caf