Multi Champion Finchfield Shuzo

Imp. Great Britain
Multi Champion Fuinrando O'Meloth
Finchfield Shu-Shu at Cheamly

Thank you fam.Barrett to let us have this beautiful dog. Finchfield Kennel England

  • Children of Finchfield Shuzo:
  • Ch.Mikaso Ayako von Reifra
  •  Ch.Red Magic von Reifra
  •   Ch.Wakomono no Chasen.
  • Ch.Vixanna von Reifra
  • Magical Lady von Reifra German Champion, VDH-Champion, Luxembourg Champion, Bundes Sieger 97, ICC Sieger, Leipzig Sieger and BOB 96, German Junior Champion, German Junior Year Sieger and BOB 95, German Year Sieger and BOB 96, German Year Sieger and BOB 98, Hessen Sieger and BOB and BIS 98, German Year Sieger 99 BOB and BIS. Keulen 2000-BOB and BIS,German Year Sieger 2000 and BOB -Beglian Champion*

    Club Sieger Praag 2000.



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