Kennel Von Reifra

Did win for the 10 time in 11 Year the Special Award

For the top show dog out of own breed of the Dutch Kennel Club.              

  Titels of the Year :-2006-

Shannon Classicwon-Belgian Winster 2006.Luxembourg Champion

Emmanuelle von Reifra. Luxembourg Champion.

  Casanova von Reifra.Dutch-Luxembourg -Belgian-German and VDH Champion.International on demand.

Randalets Shogun of Chase-Luxembourg Ch.I.C.Sieger Germany..

 Ch.Princess Yana von Reifra Belgian Ch.

Chin in Wonderland Etoshio German Junior Ch Club.-VDH Junior Ch.- VDH Europe Jugend Sieger

-Dutch Junior Champion. Luxembourg Champion

Chatmo-Dutch Ch.

Milargo von Reifra Austria Champion-**BIS Haan Gruiten 2006**Leipzich Sieger 2006-

*Best in Show Wustenrot 2006*.

Princess Tatiana von Reifra.Austria Champion


Emmanuelle von Reifra.German and Luxembourg Jugend Ch.

            Chatmo   Luxembourg Ch. German Club Sieger.German and VDH Ch. 

    Ch.Red Magic von Reifra.    German and VDH Veteran Ch.      

    Ch.Django Outlaw von Reifra.   Austria Champion.-VDHEuropa Sieger 2005

Ch.Milargo von Reifra International Ch.Belgian -German-VDH.Ch.-Hop King

Ch.Snow Queen von Reifra. International Ch. Belgian Ch.                             

  Ch.Princess Yana von Reifra. International.Ch.Hop Queen 2005-Luxembourg Ch.

German and VDH Champion

             Ch.Valerma Utsukusii.Luxembourg Ch. German and VDH Ch.                                       

  Casanova von Reifra. Hop Prince 2005-Luxembourg Junior Ch.-German Junior Ch.

Randalets Shogun of Chase Gernan and Luxembourg Junior Ch.

                       Titels of the Year:


                  Multi.Ch.Django Outlaw von Reifra -International-Belgian-     

                                               German-VDH- Ch.- Ortenau Sieger 2004-Berlin Sieger 2004-

USA Champion-Dutch Speciality Winner 2004-

Dutch Ch.Milargo von Reifra-German Ch.JKC Winner whit BOB.Hop King 2004-

Sieger Giessen 2004.-Club Champion Zwitserland. 100 years Jubilee Club Show  SZC/CSCRN 2004-ICC Sieger.-Leipzich Sieger 2004-Bundes Sieger whit BOB .-

Winner Amsterdam 2004 and BOB.

Dutch Ch.Snow Queen von Reifra. -Luxembourg -German and VDHChampion-

Berlin Siegerin 2004,Hop Queen 2004,Siegerin Giessen 2004-

ICC Siegerin.

Dutch Ch.Valerma Utsukusii. Dresden Sieger 2004-ICC Sieger- Landes Sieger Nordrhein-Westfalen.

ICC Sieger.

Multi.Ch.Red Magic von Reifra. Tjechien Champion.

Chatmo.-Junior Club Champion Zwitserland. 100 years Jubilee Club Show  SZC/CSCRN 2004-Dutch Junior Champion.

Luxembourg Junior Champion.-German Junior Champion.-Junior Leipzich Siegr 2004-

Dutch Ch.Princess Yana von Reifra-Bundes Siegerin.Winster Amsterdam 2004.--

                         *USA.Ch-*-Club Champion Zwitersland. 100 years Jubilee Club Show  SZC/CSCRN 2004-

Landes Sieger Nordrhein-Westfalen. -Leipzich Siegerin 2004


                                                          Titels of the Year


Multi Ch. Red Magic von Reifra.

-Austria Champion.

Ch.Jumping Star von Reifra-

Internat,Dutch ,German,VDH,Belgian

 and Luxembourg Ch.-Hop Queen 2003-Thuringer Siegerin 2003

Ch..Django Outlaw von Reifra

:Ortenau Sieger 2003 and Hop King 2003.ICC Sieger.-

Dutch-Luxembourg Champion-Bundes Sieger 2003

Austria Bundes Sieger 2003 whit BOB.

Landes Sieger Sachsen-Anhalt-/Sieger Baden-Wurttemburg 2003

World Winner 2003 -BOB-European Winner 2003-BOB

German Year Winner 2003 and BOB.

Milargo von Reifra.:

Thuringer Junior Sieger 2003-German Junior Ch.-

Luxembourg Junior Champion.-

European Junior Winner 2003

Ch.Princess Tatiana von Reifra :

 Ortenau Siegerin 2003-ICC Sieger.-Luxembourg -Dutch,International Ch,German ,VDH Champion 2003.-

Austria Bundes Sieger 2003

Landes Sieger Sachsen-Anhalt./Siegerin Baden-Wurttemburg 2003

Randalets Great Mikado

Landes  Jugend Sieger Sachsen-Anhalt-

German Junior Champion-Luxembourg Junior Champion

Junior Year Winner 2003-Germany--

Red Flame von Reifra

Jugend Siegerin Baden-Wurttemburg 2003-

Luxembourg Junior Champion

                                                                                 Titels of the Year


Ch.Xenien no Chasen-Luxembourg and Belgian Ch.

Ch.Finchfield Shuzo-Belgian Ch.

Vixanna von Reifra-German-VDH and Belgian Ch.

Jumping Star von Reifra -Junior German Ch.Berlin Siegerin 2002-

Frankfurt Siegerin 2002-*ICC Sieger *Award Winner Dutch Club.

Ch.Black Beauty von Reifra-VDH Europe Siegerin 2002

Django Outlaw von Reifra-VDH Europe Junior Sieger 2002

 German Junior Champion.-Frankfurt Junior Sieger 2002-Luxembourg Junior Ch.Landessieger Nordrhein -Westfalen 2002.-Junior Leipzich Sieger 2002.-Bundes Junior Sieger and BOB .2002.

Gräfin Trūde von Reifra -VDH Europe Junior Siegerin 2002

Princess Tatiana von Reifra-Luxembourg Junior Ch.

-German Junior Ch.-Berlin Junior Sieger.-Landessieger Nordrhein-Westfalen 2002

Multi Ch. Red Magic von Reifra Jahres Sieger 2002.

Thanks to all the judges, who did make this possible.