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Odessa's Kat Balou

JW-99,VDH-German-Luxembourg Ch.

Imp USA.Stamboek: NHSB
Geslacht: Teef
Ras: Japanese Chin W/Zw
Geboren op: 28-12-1998
Gestorven op: --
Fokker: Kohutiak, L.A. (USA)
Eigenaar: Janssen-Spits, Tilburg

 CH.Touche's Tux N Ty
Ch. Acceber's Tennessee Tuxedo SOD
Ch. Fran-Oaks-Briarhill Hoshi Rom
 CH.Fran-Oaks Toshio
Broken Arrow-s Mahogany
Ch. Seamist Orient Delite O-Jenni DOD
CH.Signoracci-s Basi O-Jenni
CH.J-Jim's Lusicu of Jenni
Especially Mi Ermatrude Rom
CH.Hou-Chins Rufus ROM
 CH.Cross-Pumpkin Pie
Tosaho Floribunda Rom
Tosaho Lamb Chop
Amantra Takahiro ROM.
 CH  Touche's Honeycrest Helzapopin
Ch. Eastwyck's Evil Doings SOD
Ch. Acceber's Tennessee Tuxedo
CH.Fran-Oaks Briarhill Hoshi
CH.Seamist Orient Delite O-Jenni DOD
Lakevieuw-s Penelope
J-Jim's Pistol Pete
Artmar's Treasure.ROM
Especially Marigold DOD
Ch. Tosaho Performing Art
AM/EN CH.Magic Dragon of Apoco Deodar SOD
CH.Tosaho Japanna
Especially Mi Pot of Gold
Jane's Tiffany Bambi
Aver-Hars Tommi-San's Kitty

Touche's Tux N Ty



     Touche's Honeycrest Helzapopin