Latest news

After buying a new, powerful computer for photo editing, I started also to experiment with FSX on this PC. Some info and pictures can be found in the <FSX setup> page.
My FS9 flightsim set-up with 4 PC's and 11 monitors is still up and running. To get a overview of the development click in 'Pictures'. To see the current setup go directly to <4th Setup>.
If you want to learn more about the basics of flightsimming on networked PC's, have a look at 'FS on more PC's'

What is this all about

In the Flight Simulation section of my webpages you will find a description of 'My Setup' with detailed information about the used hardware and software. In 'Pictures' some photo series show how it evolved over time. To explain how networked PC's are used in flight simulation additional info about 'FS on more PC's' is added. On the 'Links' page a lot of references to software developers and other sources of information are brought together.

My Flightsim interest

Time and again I see a large airliner become airborne I am impressed how so many tons come off the ground so easily. To get a better understanding of this I started long time ago to do some flight simulation programming myself. This resulted in a very simple program with only the most basic aerodynamics and navigational concepts elaborated. But, while working on that, I learned al lot about the principles of flying and navigating an aircraft and . . . about mathematics ;-).
The Commodore Amiga version of this program, called DC10, can still be found on the Internet (Amiga Fish collection nr 150). Also a PC DOS version (in GFA Basic) is still available.

In the mid 80-ies, after Microsoft started to sell its first versions of its Flight Simulator, I stopped my own development. With the FS2002 / FS2004 release almost a professional flight simulation package has been brought to the market. In combination with ohter software a nice virtual cockpit can now easily be realised.

As I am very interested in advanced technical developments, like 'Fly by Wire' and 'Computer Controlled Flight' I started to fly with different Airbus types, using PSS A320/A330/A340 pro software 'on top of' FS2004. Some month later I added the PMDG 737 NG because it has one of the best Flight Mamagement Computer implementations. Then I 'discovered' the specialities of the turboprops and have extended my aircraft fleet with the PSS Dash8 and Flight 1 ATR72. And by now also the PMDG 747-400 and MD-11 are added.