Windmill in Wassenaar

As early as 1406 a wind-cornmill in Wassenaar is mentioned. This mill must have been a wooden postmill. The "Windlust" was built in 1668, when Jan Gerbrantsz. van Wouw was given a license to mill by the baron of Wassenaar. On the 'beard, of the mill, just under the axle of the spars, this date can be seen. The mill was owned by the miller family Mansvelt from 1821 to 1961. In 1961 Wassenaar Council became the owner.

The mill in Wassenaar is an example of a windmill that is again milling regularly after years of disuse.

The mill is generally turning and open for visitors on Saturday afternoons. If there is sufficient wind there is a good chance that the mill will actually be grinding. The various products - stoneground wheatflour, rye flour, 3-grain flour and pancake flour  are for sale in the mill.

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