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Hospital East-Limburg ZOL, Genk, Belgium.
155 coloured glass panels

At the facade of a new block of the hospital 155 panels of coloured, translucent glass are installed. Each panel is individually designed. Inside the rooms these glass panels show subtle colours, becoming objects of meditation.

The hospital block with 115 coloured glass panels.
East facade detail

Inside the art glass panels are objects of meditation.

inside the hospital

East facade

West facade

West facade detail


Title: IN OUT

Description: At the facades of the new hospital building 155 coloured glass panels are installed. Dimensions 4 meters x 1,10 meters each. The panels bring colours to the outside of the building. The panels are translucent. Images inside are diffused. In the rooms they are objects of meditation.

Completed: The east façade has been installed in 2014.
Location: ZOL, Schiepse Bos 6, B-3600 Genk, Belgium
Project duration: 5 years
Medium: Digital Prints inside glass.
Architect: Architectengroep A4, Leuven, Belgium
Project manager: Ir. Philip Verheije Commissioning Agency: Hospital East Limburg Genk, Belgium
Remark: the project has been developed in close collaboration with architects Gunther Herrijgers and Wouter De Ceulaer