The Synner RPG Page

This site contains the on-going adventures of my roleplaying group. It's also the homepage of the List of Character Survival Techniques. All stories were written by me, except for the Call of Cthulhu ones which are written and maintained by Damon van Vessem.

I hope you enjoy the site.

Willem van Driel <>


Recent updates:

January 2003 : added second part of Bughunters adventure.

June 2002 : added second part of Shadowrun adventure.

April 2002 : added first part of a Shadowrun adventure.

March 2002 : completed an Amazing Engine adventure.


 Amazing Engine : Metamorphosis Alpha to Omega


Call of Cthulhu : Over the Edge


  (Spoiler warning!!! Both the Shadowrun and the Call of Cthulhu campaigns are partly based on published adventures.)


Another project of mine is the List of Character Survival Techniques. The list contains advice to help your characters survive and thrive in a wide range of campaign-types. Suggestions welcome.

Copyright notice

Most of the text you'll find on this site was written by myself. However, most of the pictures and Shadowrun-quotes came from other sources and many were edited by me to fit the campaigns. I therefore ask you to please not spread them any further. I'm breaking enough copyrights as it is. My thanks in advance.