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The Archive:

At the moment the collection of the center  contains digital selected Edmond Fortier-postcards and with consent from other

collectioners with pictures of  the following West African states; Senegal, Guinée,  Mali,  Benin. The  picture collection give a

nice view of the people, the landscape and the rituals between 1900 and 1910.

The period 1900 - 1904 concerns especially pictures of Senegal with accents on the City of Dakar, the surrounding villages

and ethnic groupes. The period 1905 -1910 concerns interesting items as  "A Voyage on the Niger" (Mali-1905) and visites                                                                          to Guinée, Ivory Coast and Benin. (1908)    

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 The purpose:

*  The objective of the "Centre Edmond Fortier" is together with ohter collctioners ; Collectors, museums and teachers

    making acquantaince to West  Africain in the period 1900 - 1910 by the pictures of Edmond Fortier.

* Selecting and showing the pictures of Edmond Fortier in virtual expositions.

* Making  the pictures available to all non-profit institutions, "Supporting the History of Africa".

* To be a support-center on behalf of the collectors of Edmond Fortier- postcards.                            


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                         Who's Edmond Fortier  ?                   

Fortier was born in 1862 in the little village Celles sur Pleine in the Vosges,France. He lived already several years
in St-Louis Senegal, before he departed in 1900 to Dakar.

 As photographer and publisher of postcards, he visited Senegal and Guinea, Mali in 1906, Ivory- coast,  

Benin and Lagos in 1908 producing,(between -1900-1910)

3.300 pictures/postcards and after 1910 publishing 3.320 reprints.

He was the first photographer who visited the Dogon (1905) in the Bandiagara ( Mali ) and visited already Tombuctu in jan.1906.
10 years of research by Philippe David, author of the "Inventaire Generale des Cartes Postales Fortier" results in the
next complete facts:
"Edmond Fortier lived in Dakar on the corner of Boulevard  Pinet-Laprade / Rue Dagorne.He was a small person,
blonde, with little beard " pointu " and always wear a pointed topi (military model ) He had a favorite remark;
Le Cantal?… mon berceau, Dakar mon tombeau!  (The Cantal my cradle, Dakar.. my tomb)

Nothing is known after his death on 24 February 1928, about the weal and woe of his family/heir, neither about his extensive archive of 3.300  negatives.                       Pictures are published, already during his lifetime - with or without his permission - in more than 10 books.
Postcards can be found in several collections all over the world.


  Wildheid en beschaving by Raymond Corbey-Ambo-Baarn-1978

 .Inventaire General de cartes postales Fortier by Philippe David  1986:1987, 1988 3 tomes

  Voyages Fortier au Soudan by Philippe David, Cataloque cartes postales Neudin 1983                                                                                    > home <



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                                        Fortier, un photographe tres moderne....    



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