What's and Who's (ab)used:


I (=Laurens) used a 486-DXII 80Mhz with 24MB RAM, a 520MB + a 217 MB harddisk. Recently, I upgraded to a Pentium 100Mhz, with 64MB ram, a 640 mb harddisk and the same 217 MB harddisk as in the 486. Only that one died on me this afternoon (29/07/98). Snif.
2 Lynx II's. Hey, that's where it's got to run on, isn't it? TNT-Terry ain't bein' design'd for Handy, y'know?
Download cable. To get the program from the PC to the Lynx.
The intermission screens are drawn with pencil first, after which they are scanned, colored and scaled on a 133Mhz Pentium PC. Then they are converted to iff-files, to be finished on ...
... an Amiga 600.
When ready, files are ported back to the PC, and are sent to Laurens over the Internet.


My pc's 'powered' by Win'95, OSR 2.0.
For the gamedesign, I use of course my own Panther - Development Suite For Atari Lynx
Oh, and I use Panther - Development Suite For Atari Lynx (i just love copy&paste) for the webpage.
Occasionally, for some simple graphics, and screengrabs, I use Paint Shop Pro 4.1
Coloring and scaling are done in Adobe Photoshop, 'running' (LOL - Laurens) under Win'95.
All the rest is done in Deluxe Paint III on the Amiga (Kickstart 37.300/Workbench 37.71).


Of course did I use myself. I mean, I think I know how to code lynx, so why wouldn't I use that anomaly? Anyway, I, Laurens Simonis, am TNT-Terry's 'creator'. I had the idea, perhaps borrowed from another, but still. I'm the main coder, and currently also the only one. Some more personal info: 18 years old, still at school (after the summer holidays, last year and Exams..), not 100% sure what I'm gonna do after school. PC things I like besides Lynx coding: Quake + clones and adventures like King's Quest. Oh, and GTA of course. I live in Europe, the Netherlands, Nieuwegein (just South of Utrecht).
Personal info on Yiri: 23 years old. He lives in Amsterdam, the Capital of the Netherlands. Go check out his homepage at http://yiri.maniac.com.

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This page was created by Laurens Simonis using the latest beta of Panther and PaintShopPro 4.1.