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Song title/ lyrics score score MIDI style description
Aaba page1     jazz hardbop instrumental
Aeolica page1 page2   pop based on a poem by Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer, a dutch poet
All because of you page1 page2   jazz mid fifties style, one of my favourites
Asal page1   MIDI jazz aka 'Another song about love', lyrics were dropped
Bad mood page1 page2   blues when you're feeling miserable and don't want to take it out on someone you care for
Brand-new day page1 page2   pop the original 'pop' version
Brand-new day II page1 page2   jazz a bluesier version, in a different key
Cleaning the piano     MIDI
  (don't worry, it's only a joke!do
Disco Baby     MP3 disco funk Loosely based on the standard 'Blue Moon' , it's actually me singing at the age of five... (629 kB)
En dat komt allemaal door jou page1     jazz dutch translation of 'All because of you'

Fairy-tale (fem.)

page1 page2   bossa lyrics come in both a neutral and a female version
For a friend page1   MIDI ballad written for my friend CK, who suffers from cfs
G flat page1     pop as a guitar player you just don't bother writing in keys like G flat...
Good-bye page1     ballad saying good-bye, for whatever reason
Heaven on earth page1   MP3 ballad well, I guess still haven't found what I've been looking for ..(1.64 MB)
High-wire of love page1 page2 MP3 ballad when love goes wrong (1.92 MB)
Hitch-hiking girl page1 page2   jazz her name was Diana, she hitch-hiked to college every day!
I can't forget you page1 page2 MIDI ballad love affairs can be sad and painful, but very inspiring, some songwriters seem to thrive on pain
I fell in love instead page1 page2 MP3 ballad I'm only human... (2.39 MB)
I shall not live in vain page1     jazz based on a poem by Emily Dickinson, it's what life is all about
I would like to come back as a dog! page1 page2   pop I always wanted to write something funny, it's starts with the US national anthem..
I'll be havin' fun! page1 page2   pop after a jazz gig the audience begged for … rock & roll!!
It's only love page1 page2   pop really didn't know there were 2/4 time changes in there…
I've almost lost my mind over you page1 page2   pop the first song I recorded in a studio
Life is an illness page1 page2   pop my life was in a rut and I really hit rock bottom, what more can I say?
Like a winter's day page1 page2   ballad lacrymose, one of my finest
Living on borrowed time page1 page2 MIDI


rock I used to live near a red light district, and still do…

Classic rock, late 70's early 80's style (2.41 MB)

Love at first sight page1 page2   samba is it just another myth invented by poets?
Love is a silly game page1 page2   pop juvenalia, but still, the first time I wrote a middle eight
Love's lament page1   MP3 ballad life gets a bit lonely sometimes (1.97 MB)
Monique page1   MP3 jazz we made a demo as a birthday present, especially for her. (Live recording with 'Djam Karet' 2.38 MB)
My foolish heart page1 page2 MIDI jazz it is clearly one of my best, a no good base player once said it sucks, well, up yours Bultje!
Permanent playground page1 page2 MP3 pop a bluesy song, about taking chances in life (2.89 MB)
Quelque chose de nouveau page1     pop Leo, a drummer, said he'd write lyrics, no, they're not included!
Samples (     MP3   Try if you can recognize all of them. Duh! I also used the final chord of Vivaldi's RV 269 in there...
Seikilos page1   MIDI trad based on an ancient greek 'skolion', a drinking song, approx. 100 B.C.
Solitude page1 page2   ballad Lyrics will be added soon, I hope so anyway...
7/8 page1   MIDI jazz has a carribean feel to it
1701 page1   MIDI pop sorry, couldn't find a proper name for the darn thing..
She doesn't care for me page1   MP3 ballad mournful, but with a little tongue in cheek (1.75 MB)
She's my baby page1 page2 MP3 ballad writing it really made me happy (2.34 MB)
Sixties Children page1   MIDI samba I still dream of writing the opening tune to a tv serial some day..
Somebody loves me page1 page2 MIDI


jazz she never heard that song, until recently, she liked it....(1.83 MB)
Spring page1 page2   jazz we used to do it as a soundcheck
Stabat mater dolorosa page1 page2   ballad lyrics in church latin, think whatever you want
Stillborn love page1     ballad you can't be lovers and you can't be friends
Time is running out page1     jazz song about battered spouse
Train of thoughts page1 page2   pop when life was at it's lowest, but I've survived
12/8 page1     waltz it has a latin feel, but I call it a waltz anyway, it chances to 3/4 and back again
We're no good for each other page1 page2   pop when love goes wrong, everyone get's his share of that, I guess
Winter of my life, The page1 page2   ballad I hope life will be like that, fourty years from now, it's for my dad, who never lived his life to the full..
You can go to hell! page1 page2   blues you may guess, but I'm not telling you who the song is about, mommy...
Johannes Brahms, opus 114, 3rd movement, Andantino Grazioso (34 kB)
Erik Satie, Gnossienne no.4 (6 kB)
Erik Satie, Gnossienne no.5 (6 kB)
Erik Satie, Je Te Veux (21 kB)
Layla (38 kB)
Ole Guapa (7 kB)
Young Hearts Run Free, Candi Staton (39 kB)
Boeroeng Kaka (5 kB)
Djohore (3 kB)
Kolé Kolé (4 kB)
Nina Bobo (5 kB)
Nona Manis (9 kB)
Patokaän (13 kB)
Ramboet Itam Matanja Galak (9 kB)
Salendang majang (4 kB)
Stamboul II (10 kB)
Terang Boelan (5 kB)


MUSIC OF J.B. LEMIRE (Fr. 1867-1945):
Grégorinette (107 kB)
Jeannot (17 kB)
Solo pour flûte (20 kB) avec accompagnement pour piano
Solo pour flûte (75 kB) avec accompagnement d' orchestre
More music by the same composer: http://tanguy.lemire.free.fr/musique.html


credits: Wim Gerrits plays piano on
'Loves' Lament' and 'She Doesn't Care For Me'
Live recordings were made on December 20, 1995 at '042' Nijmegen
and mixed at Ammix Studio's Nijmegen
The scores were created as standard MIDI files using Cubase 5.0
and exported as Windows Bitmaps, 300 DPI and converted into
Compuserve Bitmaps (GIF) using Adobe PhotoShop 5.5
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