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Romulan warbirds surrouding the Enterprise

Our D-Deridex class Warbird is one of our best ships that has ever been build. This Warbird is twice as big as a Galaxy Class ship like the Enterprise D (The NCC -1701 D) . Look at the image above and you will see. The Federation claims that a Galaxy Class ship is evenly matched with a Warbird. I disagree the Warbird has much more firepower than a Galaxy Class ship. We can beat those Federation ships easily.

The Warbirds have a crew complement of over 600 brave men and woman which is the half the crew of the Enterprise. The Warbird's warp engines are powered by quantum singularity reactor
(not an Matter/Antimatter Reactor like most Federation vessels). The new Federation addition the Enterprise-E (NCC-1701-E) still can't beat a Warbird. So you see our Warbird is still the most powerful ship in this Galaxy. (Borg ships are also very powerful, but i say not as powerful as an Warbird). There are also D'kazanak B-class Warbirds and D'kazanak C - class Warbirds but they are smaller comparing with an D'deridex A class Warbird, but those vessels still outclass the Federation Galaxy class vessels.

Technical Data Warbird:          warbird

Attack cruiser

Our attack cruiser is Klingon in design we modified this ship to meet our standards. Despite it's Klingon origin it was the basis of our great fleet nowadays. We traded our cloaking technique for this design. The D7 Attack cruiser was one of our first vessels called warbirds. This vessel was slightly bigger than the Enterprise A (Constitution class) and has a big disruptor cannon. The Klingons still use this type of cruiser.

Technical Data D7 Attack Cruiser:

Bird of Prey

Bird of prey

The Bird of prey is an old ship and used as an attack vessel during the the first wars with the Federation. Nevertheless after 87 years of service the Bird of Prey became on of the most versatile ships of the Romulan Empire, serving as a gunship, science vessel, transport, and reconnaissance vessel. The Bird of Prey has also an Cloaking Device. Don't make the mistake with an Klingon Bird of Prey. The Bird of Prey is much smaller than a Warbird but matches the Excelsior class ships of the Federation.

Klingon Bird of Prey

Klingon Bird of Prey.

Technical Data Bird of Prey:

Scout Ship

Our scoutship is a small warp capable ship. It can be used to explore planet surfaces and many other things which you can only use a small vessel. The scout ship is the Romulan equivalent of an Federation Danube-class Runabout but is more powerful. The scout ship can attain a maximum speed of warp 7.5 for 2 days, making it an ideal reconnaissance vessel due to its range, size and speed. The scout ship is armed with 2 disruptor arrays, but can be refitted to carry a plasma torpedo launcher.

Technical Data Scoutship:


Advanced Bird-of-Prey

This successor to the timeless Bird-of-Prey will prove to be as much an asset to the Romulan Warfleet as was the original. Unfortunately, only small details are known about this warship. There is rumor that the Advanced Bird-of-Prey will be powered by an enhanced Quantum Singularity Drive that will allow it to travel at warp 9.98 for twelve hours. Also rumored is the use of a phase-cloaking device.


The Romulan Star Empire's answer to the Klingon Bird-of-Prey, the Selok will be produced in large fleets that will fly in squadrons. Rumored to out-gun the Klingon B'rel-class and K'vort-class Birds-of-Prey, the Selok will not only be superior in maneuvering capabilities, but in firepower as well.

Advanced Cruiser

The Advanced Cruiser, the long-awaited replacement for the Klingon-based Battle Cruiser, will serve as the Warfleet's front-line destroyers. Armed with 2 plasma torpedo bays and 8 disruptor cannons, the Advanced Cruiser has the firepower to go head-to-head with the Federation's higher-classed starships, including the Galaxy-class. Launch of this class vessel is scheduled for the next solar year.


Designed by Tal Shiar engineers, the Talon was developed with three guidelines in mind: 1) Build a warship that will rival the best in the Romulan Warfleet, 2) Agility, speed, and diminutive size should be taken into great consideration, and 3) Arm it to the teeth with the most lethal weapons ever produced in Romulan science. The result is a warship armed with 8 plasma repulsers that continuously fire in rapid succession and 4 type-Y planetary defense disruptor cannons. Simulated tests show that the Talon will tear the Federation Defiant-class escort to shreads in a one-on-one confrontation. The Tal Shiar are eager to prove these tests.

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