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The history of the Romulan empire

Our civilization began when the Declared split from our Vulcan ancestors and began to travel to begin a new civilization among the stars. The Declared where followers of S'task who had a different view than his friend Surak. Surak was teaching the Vulcan philosophy of logic. While S'Task remained true to the old ways of honor. Soon the to philosophies began to clash & S'Task decided to leave the home world with his disciples to save it from being torn apart between two philosophies.

S'Task left with 80,000 people in seventeen ships and began a journey through the solar system looking for a new home world. While on there quest for a new home world many of the seventeen ships where lost. There voyage otherwise known as the Sundering ended with around 4 ships & 18,000 people made planetfall on ch'Rihan and ch'Havran (In Terran Romulus and Remus) Some of these people called themselves Rihannsu or the DeclaredRa'tleifhi by dawn

At planetfall, the Travellers found themselves suddenly with two empty worlds to populate. Land was distributed by lottery, and most of the population debarked, leaving only a few small "Ship Clans" who were reluctant to abandon the far-travel ships completely. However, life on the two worlds was not idyllic: of the 18,000 Rihannsu who settled on the two worlds, approximately 6,000 died in the first ten years of their settlement.

Oddly enough, these 6,000 did not die of disease or starvation, but mostly from the violent deaths of war. Upon settling down the Rihannsu promptly picked up where things had left off on Vulcan, warring and feuding for various reasons, primarily territory and resources. In such an atmosphere it was only a matter of time before a warlord emerged to impose a central structure on the factions and clans by force, and such a warlord was T'Rehu, the Ruling Queen.

T'Rehu built up an army in about 67 AS (After Settlement) and within 10 years had more might than any in the Two Worlds. When her power was sufficient, she brought her armies to the Grand Council and there demanded recognition. Only S'Task stood before her, and turned and left when the Council granted her demands. A few years later when famine struck the

Commander SelaHowever, 20 years is a short time in the history of a world and after smarting under her rule for several years the warlike clans of the Eastern continents of ch'Havran revolted and defeated her armies. In place of the Ruling Queen a Tricameral house of Praetorate and Senate was set up which was sufficiently resilient to have survived to this day.

So in relative stability, with regular localized factional wars, the Rihannsu lived for well over 1000 years. The Rihannsu enjoyed all the arts and developed them over this time: sculpture, music, painting, science and war. All were relished and enjoyed. And then, the Rihannsu suffered a rude awakening.

Around the year 1600 AS a Federation ship called the Carrizal entered the 128 Trainguly system to survey this systems. They found 2 habital planets with an highly developed agrarian civilization on both planets. he crew dubbed the worlds "Romulus" and "Remus" in reference to an ancient Terran legend. In standard first contact procedures they beamed in messages of peace and good will. They received no response. After surveying the system for a time, they returned to the Federation with the news of their discovery.

On our planets the visitors from the Federation had an disturbing effect on our people. They had not forgotten the Orions on Vulcan who also claimed to be peacefully. In 1600 years our people had developed an extremely effective industrial system. We knew who could not match their technology of the ship from the Federation, but years of war had taught them that sheer numbers could overwhelm any technological advantage.

By the time the next Federation ship arrived, the Rihannsu had constructed some 7,000 crude, cylindrical vessels -- impulse powered with particle beam weapons. When the USS Balboa coasted into the Trianguli system, it was blown to bits by the massed particle beams of 50 spacecraft. Shortly thereafter, the Rihannsu captured the USS Stone Mountain, took her apart, studied the design, and added warp drive to their primitive craft. Thus began what was known to the Federation as the "First Romulan War".

The Federation's StarFleet was stymied and confused by their inability to defeat the Rihannsu , who were flying craft that were little more than tin cans with warp power drives. Time and again, larger and larger task forces were sent into Rihannsu space and were systematically obliterated by our army. At about this time, the Federation made first contact with the Vulcans, and asked them if they knew anything about this seemly maniacal race. The Vulcans responded with characteristic caution, that they knew of some who might match the description, but that they had left Vulcan long ago. As StarFleet continued to send task forces into Rihannsu space the Vulcans suggested that, if these were indeed the ones who had left long ago, it would be best to make peace. It took StarFleet several more years to realize that they were never going to prevail, and a treaty was eventually negotiated .

After this war the Neutral Zone was formed. We had contacts with the Klingon empire but when they became allies with the Federation they are treated as the Federation. Thanks to us they have cloaking technique which we traded for one of their ship designs .Nowadays there are still conflicts with the Federation and the Klingon Empire. On our homeworld are groups formed who support reunification with Vulcan because of our Vulcan background. But in spite of all our problems the Romulan Empire will survive.

Capital the Romulan Homeworld: Ra'tleihfi

Our beautiful capital Ra'tleihfi.

Romulan People

Romulans also known as Rihannsu were originally Vulcans.Romulans look like Vulcans (as you can see on the pictures below) but our people have a slightly different forehead structure. Males have softer facial features than Vulcans. The height of Rihanssu males range between 5'7" to 6'3" and their weight is between 145 to 250 pounds. The males have strength two to three times stronger than that of the average non-Rihannsu humanoids. The height of Rihannsu females range from 5'6" to 5'9" and weigh between 126 to 165 pounds. There are a few exceptions as in any race, however Rihannsu females are, like the males, generally of greater strength then those of other races. Rihanssu blood is different from Terrans as Vulcans Romulans have green blood instead of red. The Romulan physiology is not completely identical of Vulcans. Because of two millennia of separation of their Vulcan ancestors Rihanssu people have developed in an different way. Vulcans have more pointed ears than Romulans and have slightly darker skins than Romulans. This is because Vulcan is a dryer and hotter planet than Ch'Rihan and ch'Havran. The color of Romulan hair and eyes is either black of brown not like other humanoid races where hair and eyecolor varies in different colors. Romulans become like Vulcans much older than Terrans. The maximum Rihannsu lifespan that can ever be expected is approximately 250 standard years, with more typical figures ranging from 200to 230 or so. Generally, the last 10 to 25 of those years is spent in a weakened state, as is common with most races. There is also a great difference in language with the Vulcan language.You can also learn our language and download the Rihannsu Alphabet .

Vulcan                     Romulans

Vulcan (Spock)                    Romulans                       


Galaxy map

On this Federation galaxy you can see where the Romulan Empire is situated. The heart of the Romulan are the two planets Ch'Rihan (Romulus) and ch'Havran (Remus) . Ch'Rihan is the main capital Ra'tleihfi situated. On Ch'Rihan are the most government offices and agencies. The Romulan Senate is located on ch'Rihan as well, as is the Praetor's office. Headquarters for both the Romulan Military and the Tal Shiar are located on ch'Rihan. Romulus was the first world settled by those who left Vulcan a thousand years ago. Romulus is a beautiful planet of forests, lakes, and waterfalls. Aside from several large cities on the planet, ch'Rihan is largely forest and wilderness. Several areas on the planet's surface are very mountainous. The Apnex Sea is a very beautiful ocean on ch'Rihan.

ch'Havran is the second seat of government and the other Rihannsu homeworld in the Rihannsu Star Empire. Remus, unlike ch'Rihan, is fairly desert-like. Aside from a forested northern continent, most of ch'Havran is plains and desert. Remus was colonized by settlers some hundred years after ch'Rihan was settled.

Aside from ch'Rihan and ch'Havran, the Romulan Star Empire also includes some 100 other planets that have willingly or unwillingly joined the Rihannsu Star Empire. These worlds are inhabited by Romulans and other cultures.

Romulan Culture

In order to understand the Romulan today, you have to know their ancient Vulcan roots. Vulcan were extremely warlike and emotional people until Surak teached the Vulcans to live logical and emotionless. Proconsul NeralA student of Surak, S'task who led a group of Rihannsu called the Travellers from Vulcan to the planets ch'Rihan and ch'Havran to create a new way of life. Based on the fundamentals of the warlike ancient Vulcan society, present Rihannsu culture is a curious mixture of ancient Vulcan customs evolved and aged during the tough realities of the Journey and their early hard life on their new homeworlds of ch'Rihan and ch'Havran.

The family, service to the Empire, and mnhei'sahe, the Rihannsu concept of personal honor are great values in the Romulan culture. A Romulan family is ver close and marriages are for life because the bond between husband and wife is so close that divorces and separation are not known in Romulan society, and failed marriages are taken as a taint upon the mnhei'sahe of both individuals. Every Romulan exists to serve and is willing to die for the Empire. A job in the military is one of the most prestigious jobs in the Romulan Star Empire and combat veterans are the most respected members of Romulan society.

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