Spear & Shield (Speer & Schild)    -    1995    -    14’50


   Composition for Piano solo and realtime DSP

    Piano player, computer with Next-ISPW (Next computer).

Speer en schild is the second piece in a cycle of three. It is a real-time interactive composition created with the CAC II program. It is just like the cello piece created with the aid of fractal geometry and the use of the ART-2 Neural network. The piano sound are realtime changed by the MAX version for the NEXT-ISPW. I programmed several external MAX objects for creating a kind of process tracking triggered by the piano player. The composition is divided in three main parts. The first part uses realtime sample recording and playback (with alterations). The second part makes use of sounds created in the inside of the piano combined with processed sounds (realtime harmonizing). The amount of processing and the kind of processing is decided by a realtime working version of the ART2 Neural Network. The third part is more or less a kind of Coda: the processing of the piano sound is combined with the sample recording (of the first part) but with a extra kind of movement of the sound.

Speer en Schild is a so called Algoritmical composition (almost 100 %) created with the aid of a self written and designed composition environment created in Common Lisp on the Macintosh (CAC III).

Has been performed by: Kees Wieringa

 show scoreSpear_and_Shield_files/Speer%20%26%20Schild%20Binder.pdf