The sighs of Dora   -    1999    -    01’31


   Tape-composition (2 channels).

The composition uses left-overs of material that is normally thrown away in a recording session.

The sounds of the sighs, clicks and laughs of the actress Dora van der Groen are manipulated by phase-vocoding techniques. She plays an unseen role (her voice was only present on tape) in the musictheatre piece "India Song" by Marguerite Duras a joint production of the Zuidelijk Toneel  and Holland Festival with the direction of Ivo van der Hove.

Various treatments: Cross Synthesis, Spectral Morphing, Time Stretching, Pitch Shifting en Binaural Filtering are used in this short piece..

The composition appeared on the CD: 'Electro-acoustic music from the Netherlands 2000' (PEM CD 1) as ‘Study Indiasong’

All editing and postprocessing: Michèl Koenders


Released on CD:‘Electro-acoustic music from the Netherlands 2000’ (PEM CD 1) as ‘Study Indiason

1999 © Toneel Groep Amsterdam