My last day at Fokker

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It was obvious for some time that the bankruptcy was to happen, so it did not come as a surprise.
It seemed a good idea to document this historical event with some pictures.
Employees gathered in flight hall
Ton Peschier, chief of the engineering department is telling his employees that they have lost their jobs
and what procedures are going to be taken next.
Grey-haired employees in hall
The many greyhaired and bald heads make it clear that many of the people who survived
the redundancy operations up to this moment are over 40 years old
Employees leaving hall
The employees of the engineering department leave the hall.
People are saying goodbye to those colleagues that are close by.
Many will probably never meet again.
Fired employees listening to the radio
After the collective dismissal the people of my department are listening to the radio to the speech of chairman Van Schaik.
The founding of FAIR is an assurance as far as our income is concerned, but the sad feelings are hardly any less.
Fokker-employees leaving gate
The Fokker-employees are leaving the gate. It was a nice clear day to make photographs.

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