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Photo of Martin Kramer About myself

I was born in Amsterdam (1952) where I still live, in a small flat in the south of the city. I earn a living as a systems developer and programmer. I have a LAT-relation with my girlfriend Hetty.

My job

I have worked for almost 16 years at Fokker Aircraft, but they went bankrupt at march 15, 1996. As a member of the IT department I could start the next week in a new company FAIR information services, a Joint Venture of IBM and Roccade where a large part of the Fokker-IT-staff was employed.
At Fokker my job was mainly designing and coding Fortran programs to support the engineering department. I also did some hacking with assembler, Pascal and Visual Basic. At FAIR I worked mostly with Microsoft Access. In 1997 I started working at IBM for the Business Support Center, initially on VM/CMS (back to the seventies!) and then two years in building a new contracting tool under Lotus Notes. After that I did some maintenance on the Notes applications at FAIR, then poor business results forced me to leave. I did an euro-conversion project for Roccade Finance where my Fortran skills suddenly were in demand again. At the moment I am looking for a new challenge, or in other words I am unemployed and looking for a new job. A CV (in dutch) is available. At least it leaves some time for experimenting with my computer.

My hobbies

In my free time I used to do some birding, but I am mainly an 'armchair biologist'. I have a collection of over 160 videotapes with natural history films, and a database describing not just the films but also the animals featuring in them. To get some structure into this I had to study some systematics. Since I am active on the Internet, I am also busy collecting images. I am also trying to contribute some myself.
About once a year I travel to some distant place to see what animals live there (usually I do already know that, but sometimes you want to see them in the flesh as well). I also try to make some photographs, as long as I can do it on the fly, or better on the walk. I don't have the patience to sit for days in a hide. In september 1994 I visited Madagascar, my first third-world country and a great experience. I managed to take some decent photographs. The next year I visited Costa Rica, also a third world country but the people seemed filthy rich compared to those in Madagascar. I saw lots of animals there, some of which were very cooperative in posing in front of my camera.
Apart from documenting my holidays, I also take photographs on other occasions every once in a while.
As my job is also - to some extent - my hobby, I also spend lots of free time behind my computer to figure things out and maintain my professional skills.



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